10 Different Parenting Styles from Around the World

parenting styles around the world

Hola Amigos! Hey everybody, Namaste and several other greetings in several other cultures exist, though they have the same meaning but every culture has its own richness. Similarly, customs breeds cultural shocks in different eras and dynasty. Some we kept, some we threw away but what remained is important. 

All around the world, we marry, we have children and we raise them to be the best of us. According to statistics, people love their children most in their entire lifetime. Let’s look at several different practices all around the world and how people cope up with upbringing in their own way. 

It is common for babies to be napping outside in Norway

Norway is a very rich and great place to life. If you haven’t visited Norway, you should, or you should at least have it in your list. It is quite common for babies to nap around anywhere they want. It’s like parents are quite chill about their babies chilling anywhere in the world. Norway might be famous for its atmosphere and lush green land but trust me, how often do you see babies taking a nap on the subway? It’s awesome!

In Denmark, it is OK for babies to wait in their strollers outside while parents shop or dine

Denmark might be famous for introducing bacon to this world but it has a lot more in stores. Denmark began exporting bacon to Englishmen, who love bacon to this day. Similarly, there are several facts about Denmark that will leave you breathless and confused. How can it be okay for parents to leave their babies out in strollers while they eat? That is insane. No one in their right mind would do that. However, this is a very common practice in Denmark and people are really cool about it. Theft is not an issue there and so isn’t kidnapping.

Chinese parenting styles, Kids are toilet trained early

China is one of the most populated and most advanced countries in the world. However, they are training their kids to use toilet early. According to research, the first thing a parent teaches their kid is toilet training, which Chinese are doing quite early. This can be a good practice if not done forcefully, forcefully training might make your child aggressive and violent in future. If done with love and care, your children will turn out to be smarter than others.

Japan parenting styles, it is common for kids to use public transportation alone

Every parent wants to make their kids independent and confident. It is very common for parents to let their kids use public transportation all by themselves. Japan is a secure country with a good law enforcement. Japan is famous for their love for anime and animation, making them the largest anime industry in the whole world. Their anime’s focus on kids being able to relate to such characters in order to make them independent. Independent on their own will and freedom. Japan is creating some leaders and you can also check Japanese principle of Kaizen which can cure laziness in minutes 

In India, Kids commonly stay up late 

India, oh India. The central of all crimes and weird rituals. People of India might be uneducated but they have the will to make their kids better than themselves. The culture motivates for kids to sleep late, they have shows and TV serials rolling in all night long. Kids are really encouraged to watch TV shows which would help their education. Also, the entertainment industry of India is one of the biggest industries in the world!  

Finland lets the kids have multiple breaks from School

This is something we all wanted as a kid, several, multiple breaks from our school but we never got one. One recess and that was it. Even that recess was not more than 30 minutes and those 30 minutes were spent eating and there was no time to rest a bit. However, this great initiative in Finland to have multiple breaks is something really outstanding. I wish I had gone to school in Finland, childhood would’ve been easier. 

In Italy, Kids can actually taste wine with dinner

Yes, they taste wine, not cough syrup which your parents used to put you to sleep asap. This is something weird but people in Italy are quite chill about it. This practice can be harmful since this increases the chances of your child being an absurd drunk but Italy doesn’t care. Wine does help their kids to digest better and have a nice warm sleep but what they don’t understand is that making children familiar with the taste is not good. 

In Sweden, Spanking kids is banned!

YES! This is something we all hated as kids, always being spanked by random people who think spanking kids is cute. No it is not at all cute. As a kid, I always hated my aunt for always spanking me around and kissing my cheeks (like she was drinking some sort of juice from it). What a great law by Sweden. As beautiful as Sweden is, the more beautiful law it has. Kudos to Sweden!

In Bulgaria, mothers are allowed to get 410 days of maternity leave

Now I understand why my wife kept forcing me to move Bulgaria while she was pregnant. 410 days of maternity leave is quite awesome in my opinion. Giving birth can be very frustrating, the pre-birth time is very hard for the mother, especially the last 3-4 months can be obnoxious. Usually the maternity leave is for 3 months, 90 days, which are spent preparing for the baby and with the baby crying all over the place. Lovely gesture formatted by Bulgarians for mothers. 

In Liechtenstein, Kids actually start school from the age of 7

Kids gain their conscious around the age of 5 and start to comprehend logic and arithmetic by the age of 6. It is quite a good initiative to start school this late, giving kids chances to explore and learn more about their personalities at home. This initiative is spreading rapidly all around Europe, hope it turns out to be good. 

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