10 Exercises to Increase Your Height!

10 exercises to increase your height specially after 21 years of age

Increasing your height can be really tough for someone who has crossed the age of 21. However, we researched and found several ways you can increase an inch or two by following a strict diet and an exercising routine.

Before we get into the exercise routine, we must acknowledge the fact that all humans are perfect the way they are.

However, if you feel that you would’ve been a lot more confident and upright if you were taller, here are some advises which could come in handy for you.

Apart from increasing your height, you can wear clothes in such a way, that you look taller than usual. For example, divider in your attire make you look short, while wearing clothes, try losing the belt for instant.

Wearing skin tight clothes make you look tall, but if you are really skinny, don’t try this. It will backfire and hurt.

Increasing height as a woman can be very difficult but you don’t have to give up. Many people are too lazy or too busy to join a gym.

Well it is not necessary to join a gym, there are several exercises which you can perform at home with ease. Machinery is to build muscle and has nothing to do with growth in height.

Before you start your work routine, it is important for you to understand the factors which stunt growth. Smoking is injurious to health and also stunts growth.

There are several more disadvantaged of smoking cigarettes so if you’re a smoker, try smoking to the minimum and gradually quit for the best. Unhealthy sensual activities stunt height as well. So shun such habits if you are willing to get taller.

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Get a straight diet. Diet it as important as exercising. If you don’t have the perfect diet and nutrition, it is considerably useless to exercise and work so hard.

What to eat and what to not? Try eating vegetables which contain zinc and fibres. Eat a lot of protein and calcium. Drink milk, at twice a day.

Milk is the purest and the most reliable source of healthy calcium. All dairy products are. Increase the amount of solid, unprocessed chocolate.

Don’t overeat, just in a right amount. We would suggest you take dark chocolate milk, since chocolate is a strong source of zinc and will make the milk taste better.

Eat fresh fruits. To your daily diet, add bananas, apples, pomegranates, melons and watermelons. Do not process them or mix them into shakes.

It gives away the taste and half the nutrition. At least eat 4-6 bananas a day, if you intend to get taller. Fruits have nutrition and calories your body has been thriving for.

What not to eat? Spicy food. Yes, as tempting as they are, it is about time you gave the spice clock a break. Once a week with friends and family it is okay but not everyday.

Try shifting your diet from fast food to cuisines. Healthy cuisines from certified places, to be accurate. Don’t overdo yourself. Fast food builds fat, and our aim here is to cut that fat and turn into your height. This is going to take all you’ve got folks!

Now, it is the time we stopped being a part of memes and actually did something productive for our outlook. Your height totally depends on your adolescents and your genes, if you didn’t smoke much as a teen and your parents are tall, you are more likely to be taller like them. But if they aren’t just go with the pace and own who you are.

Here are 10 exercises with description which could help you gain some inches.

First and foremost: bar hanging!

The oldest technique in the book, hanging. How you hang is more important, your posture matters as much as the time. Bar hanging is done in two ways, pull ups or just hanging.

Both are efficient ways. Your posture should be horizontal, your weight inclined on your toes and a stretch felt in your back muscles. Helping your spine to grow along with your legs.

Hopping around with one leg

Hopping with one leg in one specific posture. Straight as a pole, changing your leg movements. This creates a tension in your thigh muscles, giving them space to expand and grow.

Pilates roll over (helps stretch the spine)

Lie straight with your weight balanced throughout the body and lift your both your legs, forcing your muscles to expands. This makes your legs longer.  

Forward spine stretch

Lying down and doing get ups. As easy as waking up from a nice sleep in a very straight posture. Make sure while getting up, your legs aren’t used and a stretch is felt in your spine.


One the most efficient and oldest exercises to gain height. Swimming not only gets your entire body into motion, it also helps your respiratory system get back online.

Swimming involves movement and stretching of all body muscles, resulting in growth of spine and legs simultaneously. Check out this guide on benefits of swimming everyday.

Keeping the legs straight up for some time

Lie down and raise your legs making a 90 degree angle with your body, set a timer and increase the time in air gradually.

Obviously, for beginner even 15 seconds are hard but as you excel, so does your stamina and time.


Lunges can release stress caught up in your calves and is a very efficient warm up exercise for your legs.

Mountain Climbers

Not quite easy, takes a lot of energy but in the end very efficient. Back straight and take the longest step, keeping in mind that you have to fold your legs while doing it. Now you can do reps and keep a count.


Lie straight and set a timer. Though when you’re at it, try to stretch your body horizontally. Make sure that your reps increases gradually.


Bicycling is best for sore legs, increasing stamina and also best for cardio. Cycling releases stress and builds thigh and calf muscles, resulting in growth of legs. 

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