10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Body

Summer is just a few I-will-start-on-Mondays away, and overwhelming panic is in the air, what with everyone feeling the constant pressure to be perfect and have a gorgeous body. Never has it been so easy to feel insecure and compare the way we look to other people, but on the flip-side, never has it been so easy to find support and empowerment.

I was moaning to my friend the other day about how I wasn’t fit enough and didn’t have a bikini body, and she responded by quoting me a photo she saw on Instagram: “You know how to get a beach body? Get a body. Go to the beach.” And it made me realize that perhaps instead of being a source of my insecurities, Instagram could help me be proud of my body, no matter it’s shape and size.

These 10 body positive accounts aren’t about skinny-shaming or fat shaming, they’re about being real and owning every part of yourself. Check them out!

1. Eff Your Beauty Standards

  2. healthyisthenewskinny

3. Gina @nourishandeat

  4. Positive Body Image


5. Nadia Aboulhosn

  6. Horror Kitsch Bitch

7. alternativecurves

  8. thebodyisnotanapology


9. Proud2BmeUS

  10. loveyourlines

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