If You’ve Reached These 10 Milestones; You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

When it comes to relationships, almost all couples go through several milestones (whether big or small) that will take the relationship to the next level. Those milestones can determine if the relationship is a summer fling or a long-term thing.

Here are ten of the biggest relationship milestones:

1. Introducing them as your boyfriend/girlfriend

Ever been to an event with someone but you were really not sure where you stood with them? To be able to be clear where you stand in your relationship, a conversation must be had about where this dating thing is going. Once it has established where the two of you stand, the next step is to start telling everyone that he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend. And what an exciting thing to say, “This is my boyfriend.” It adds a bit of “ownership” to the relationship and lets the world know that you are no longer on the market.

2. Saying those three words for the first time

Saying those three words “I love you” is filled with anxiety and excitement. What if they don’t say it back? What if I am saying it too early? Saying I love you to your significant other says that you are into the relationship and that you only have eyes for them.

3. Introducing them to your family

Meeting the parents is almost as stressful as saying “I love you” to your significant other. These people are a part of your person, and you want nothing more for them to like you and for you to like them. When your significant other has invited you to a family event, they are telling you that they want to connect with you on a deeper level and want you to see where they come from. This is also the point in the relationship where you start thinking about what your life would be like together.

4. First time you attend a wedding together

This one may seem strange, but attending a wedding with your significant other can be significant because this is often tied to meeting families. It also opens up opportunities for the two of you to start talking about your future as a couple and what that would look like. Is marriage on their minds as well?

5. First time you face tragedy together

“Facing a tragedy as a couple allows you to experience a greater appreciation of what you have together. It allows you to observe how you’ll each be there for one another profoundly and compassionately during hard times.”

This is also a good time to see how your significant other handles the stress of tragedy. A person who is otherwise calm might become different in a difficult situation.

6. The first time you talk about actually doing this thing long-term

At some point in the relationship, you and your significant other will start having those conversations about what your future is going to look like together. These conversations typically bring up what the expectations are for a future together and allow both of you to get your ideas out in the open about how a marriage with the other person would look like. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to see how your significant other feels about marriage.

7. The first big fight and makeup


Throughout a relationship all couples will have some arguments; however, the first actual screaming until you’re blue in the face fight is a big deal.  This is an excellent time to see how your significant other matches when things are extremely heated. Do they fight clean or dirty? Do they stand their ground or back down? It is an excellent way to gauge how every other big fight will go in the future.

8. Engagement

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting parts of a relationship.  Getting to this point in a relationship takes time and dedication. This is the point in your relationship where you and your significant other are declaring publicly that you intend to spend the rest of your life with this person.  Now to get to the fun part of planning the wedding (and the rest of your lives together).

9. Marriage


Being married is so much more than just “playing house.” Once you have taken the step to say your “I dos” to each other, you have entered into a life-long commitment to make this thing work with the other person. Marriage is 100-100. You will give 100% of yourself, and your spouse should do the same.

10. Children

Having a baby?

Congratulations! You have taken the most significant step in a relationship which is to bring another living being into your relationship. You have said to your significant other that you want to share in something with them and plan to be tied to them in some way from now until forever.

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