10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs In The World

As a woman it warms my heart to see successful and thriving women in powerful positions through hard work and sheer ambition. The days where the only moguls were men are a thing of the past. There are now just as many successful women entrepreneurs list in the world. These are ladies that have a big bank balance and the guts and gumption to take on anyone in the boardroom at any given time. In fact some of the biggest corporations are run by most successful women entrepreneurs. Here is the most successful women entrepreneurs list of a few of the sisters that did it for themselves.

1. Cher Wang one of the top most successful women entrepreneurs in the World

Heading up HTC, one of the biggest mobile innovation companies, Cher leaves her old boots behind for anyone to fill. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with in any business situation,She is also listed in the most successful women entrepreneurs list.

2. Sheryl Sandberg as one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs in the world

Sheryl is the COO of Facebook and a board member of The Walt Disney Company. With credentials like these Sheryl is considered as one of the most influential women entrepreneurs in the world . Her net worth is currently over a billion dollars. She is also listed in the most successful women entrepreneurs list.

3. Gina Rinehart is on top of Australia’s women entrepreneurs list

Gina inherited a mining company from her father in 1992 and managed to keep his legend alive by becoming the wealthiest person in Australia. It is no easy feat to fill the big shoes of your deceased parent however Gina has done it with style, She is also listed in the most successful women entrepreneurs list.

4. Oprah Winfrey, a force to be reckoned with and on top of the famous women entrepreneurs list

Everyone loves this lady, as a philanthropist and activist she has touched the lives of so many individuals that are less fortunate than her. Oprah’s humble beginning is most probably the one thing that makes us love her the most. She really took the world by storm and deserves her spot amongst other successful women entrepreneurs in the world.

5. Sara Blakely a valuable addition to the successful female entrepreneurs in the world

This girl created her own destiny with her designer range called Spanx, undergarments that earned her a valuable business reputation and a spot on the top women entrepreneurs list. It wasn’t easy to get her product out there.  Sara had to endure a lot of rejection before finally getting the investment she needed.

6. Indra Nooyi, a lady to look up to amongst other successful women entrepreneurs in the world

Indra is the CEO of PepsiCo. With a salary package of $28,000,000 this lady proved to the rest of the world how it is done. It did not fall in her lap, she worked her way up to the powerful position that she currently holds.

7. Susan Wojcicki a self-starter and one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world

Google was started in Susan’s garage and she went on to becoming the Marketing Manager of our favorite search engine a year later. Susan is definitely one of the most famous female entrepreneurs and also financially very strong and an activist.

8. Debbie Fields, a culinary wizard and one of the top women entrepreneurs

Debbie started her business, Mrs. Field’s Bakery and grew from strength to strength which allows her a net worth of over $65 million. She is noted as one of the most ambitious women entrepreneurs of our time. Who knew cookies and baking could take you to such high and esteemed levels. Anything is possible.

9. Arianna Huffington, definitely one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world

Arianna took online press to new levels with the Huffington Post and was able to sell her brainchild to AOL for $315 million. That qualifies her as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the world. Arianna is also a famous published author.

10. Denise Coats betting to be one of the top female entrepreneurs of our time

Denise started the famous British online gambling site Bet365 and is currently listed as one of the world’s most famous female entrepreneurs. Not only is her business thriving, she is also worth $2.5 billion which makes her one of the world’s wealthiest.

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