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10 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Most Important Person In Your Life

10 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Most Important Person In Your Life

There’s nothing quite like having a big sister. An ally in life, who you have shared all your experiences with, a big sister can be your best friend, your most honest critic, your second mom and a personal hero.

Who else is going to help you sneak in when you miss a curfew or give you their brutally honest opinion on your new haircut?

1. There’s no-one more loyal

Who can you trust more than your sister? She’s known you your whole life and been with you on every step of your journey so far. Even the best of friends have a hard time competing with their loyalty and you know that whatever happens, they have your best interests at heart. Unlike other friends, the family usually sticks around, so there’s no chance of this friendship drifting apart.

2. A real BFF

Big sisters have seen it all. She was there the day you started school, had your first kiss and your first heartbreak and every milestone of your life. Knowing you so well, perhaps even better than yourself, she usually has the best advice and will always be someone you can turn to in a crisis. Big sisters have seen you at your worst and best, so are great at dealing with your bad attitude without judgment.

your big sister is your hero

3. She’s your style guru

Having an older sister automatically doubles your closest. They always have a better, bigger wardrobe so when you are feeling like your clothes aren’t up to scratch you always have her closet to raid for a whole new look. Ask nicely and they will probably help you pick out an outfit too, which is perfect when you’re in the middle of a style crisis or have had your eye on her new top she bought last week.

4. She has your parents figured out

When taking on your parents, there’s nothing like having an experienced ally on your side to help take them on. When it comes to negotiating your curfew, or borrowing money, she will have been there before so knows exactly what to, and what not to say to get what you want. If you really screw it up, she’s usually willing to turn negotiator and try to and smooth things over with them as well.

5. You can be your real self around her

When it comes to boundaries and sisters, it’s usually a case of anything goes. No door is locked, no secret remains hidden and when you need help you wax your bikini line she’s the one who will help you out. Invading her privacy is no problem and deal breakers with other friends, like stealing clothes or not paying back money, are everyday occurrences between sisters, who somehow have a magic tolerance for having you in their life.

6. She makes you cooler

Growing up, it’s a constant battle to try and unearth the coolest band, movie, and fashion and having an older sister is a huge advantage. Not only will she likely get to the hottest new trends before you, she understands how important it is for you to try and appear with it, so is usually willing to help you out.

This is where big sisters come into their own, as they’re so much better at this type of stuff than moms. Your big sister will sort out the terrible haircut your mom got you, warn you to ditch that awful outfit you picked out for the big party and give you unlimited access to her music collection.

If you had a big sister, chances are she was the one to take you to your first concert or helped you pick out make-up when you had no idea what you were doing.

your big sister is your best friend!

7. She’s going to be brutally honest with you

Sometimes everyone needs a reality check and your sister is usually the one to give it to you. Friends tend to try to sugarcoat the truth and hold things a little bit back to avoid hurting you, but don’t expect this to happen with your big sister. She will tell you straight and because you are so close, you will listen to her too.

8. She’s like a second mom

Anyone with a big sister will know that, at times, the lines between siblings and parents get a little blurred. She will protect you, love you, nurture you and put up with you just as much as a mom and will step in whenever she’s needed.

9. She’s got your back

When it comes to sticking up for you, none of your friends can compete with a big sister. She will be in your corner from day one and you can bet if anyone tries to mess with her little sister, she will sort it out. This kind of protection comes in handy when it comes to trouble with bullies or even arguments with friends.

10. She gives the best advice

Got a problem? Chances are you will speak to your sister about it first. Like an unpaid therapist, your big sister is an expert in dishing out advice and just listening to your problems, without judgment. She’s the person who knows you best and knows the most about the different relationships in your life. So whether you need to vent about your friends, family or work, a chat with her usually makes you feel a whole lot better.

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