10 Relationship Goals You Gotta Set For A Long Term Relationship

long term relationship goals

Being in a long term relationship requires a lot of devotion and hard work. Relationships require a lot of stability and will power. If you don’t have what it takes to have a stable relationship, it is best that you stop trying. Relationships are not for all, you never know when you’re ready to settle down and lock your life with someone special. When you feel it, you just have this sudden urge to stop time and live in that moment forever. That is the kind of love you should always keep close to you. 

I get letters from several people asking how they should plan their relationships out, well according to me, this is something which happens naturally. You can not force love to happen, it happens when it is least expected.

However, if someone is being skeptical about their relationship, you should ask your partner where they see themselves in the next 6 months or a year.

Know Your Partner Better

Knowing your partner is not only significantly limited to their likes and dislikes. It is the gut feeling you get while your partner is about to deduce a judgement of any sort. It is your job to know each and everything about your partner, their likes and dislikes, their darkest secrets, their childhood stories.

Communicating is a very important part of a healthy long lasting relationship, sitting near a window and talking all night is quite soothing for the soul. 

Understand each other

Once in every while, a time comes when your partner needs space and needs to be understood. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, some isolate themselves from people, some go quite all of a sudden. Partners usually get mad at each other when the other person is not communicating properly, or if they are trying to bind in some space. This is the time when you need to trust the person and let them be on their own. 

Grow together with time

If you’re in a long term relationship, it is important for you to analyze your future with them. Growing with a person is not restricted to growing financially. You are supposed to grow emotionally and financially. This makes your love strong and results in a better understanding of your partner. 

Meet their family

What people love about their partners is how they are with the people you love. If you want to spend your life with someone, it is important that you respect the people they love. Try to amalgamate with their friends and family. Laugh along and learn more about your partner. Learn stories from her parents about how she was obsessed about something or how he washed all his toys. 

How to Show Your Care for Your Loved One

Prioritize your partner in the time of need

There are several times in your life when you need someone next to you. It can be the death of your loved one or anything, when you want your partner to be closest to you. Always remember that we as humans crave attention and care. Just do for your partner what you like for yourself. Treat them the way you want to be treated in return. If he likes a good meal after a long day at work, it’s worth a try. 

Always being there when your partner needs you

Prioritizing your partners need and being there for them is quite different. If your partner is approaching your for care and attention is different and understanding their pain is a whole new level of love. Always be there for your partner, make them feel needed and cared for. Text them and ask if they had lunch properly at work, or how their meeting with their boss went. All this has quite an impact on a person’s brain. This opens up a new level of comfort between you and your partner.   

Moving in together when the bond feels real

Don’t move so fast, this is something that couples do, they feel the electricity and make decisions that result in them being separated from the person. Moving in with someone is a big step, you shouldn’t move in until unless you’re completely confident about the other person.

You should know when you are ready for such a responsibility. It’s like you’re mixing into someone’s life, two is becoming one. Keeping the place clean and living up to someone else’s expectations is very hard. Don’t move in until unless you know the person very well. 

Always keep your partner interested in you

Keeping your partner interested in you is quite hard when several years pass by. The spark dies, new stuff excites everyone and you have to keep the relationship alive as well. Know that in the future, a time will come when somehow both of you will get bored of each other. This is the period where you will have to act strong and try to keep the other person interested in you.

I know it is hard to always be childish and the honeymoon phase will pass by sooner or later. However, it is very important to keep your partner indulged within your life to have a better relationship. 

Gifting them better each year

Now if you’re a guy, receiving gifts might not matter to you as much it matters for the ladies. Yes, evidently, ladies want gifts which have a deeper meaning as the relationship progresses towards something serious. Be generous when you gift and always be thoughtful about it. 

Get married when you’re ready

Time is relative for everyone, for some people they might know it in a second that they’ve found someone to settle down with, however, for some it might take years to build up. But when you do, just lock your partner down for eternity. Marriage is one of the most prestigious acts of life, to become one with someone forever.

To share their house, room, life and literally everything. Your final goal in a long term relationship should always be marriage, that should be your scale to judge your relationship. 

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