10 Signals From Our Bodies That Need to Be Taken Seriously As A Warning

Our bodies are one of the most complex yet well-designed machinery, which can function, mend and develop without much effort. Like any sophisticated machine, it also indicates when, and where, it needs attention and repair.

However ignoring the obvious health indicators that summon our attention is never a good idea.

For whatever seems to be something that doesn’t have much impact on your body, could also be a life-threatening issue in times to come.

Dark Circles

The legend says that dark circles under the eyes mainly happens due to the lack of sleep. The human body needs 7 – 8 hours of rest and the absence of this rest can cause dark & puffy eyes.

However, lack of rest isn’t the only cause of your dark eyes. It also happens as a result of anemia.

When the body is not producing enough red blood cells, skin under the eyes can become dark. So, have it checked. 

Change of Color on Your Fingers

This is a common problem which often goes unnoticed. The changing color of the skin on the fingers is a symptom of Reynaud’s Syndrome – a condition where low temperature causes spasms in the blood vessels; thus the color change.

Blurred Vision

This as well is a common problem.

This usually occurs when the eyes get tired. When you feel you can read something from an ordinary distance, your efforts go blur. 

Eventually, your vision starts to blur often while looking at something.

If your mom tells you that its nothing but lack of sleep, you may want to break the norm of listening to her and immediately visit your optician, as this is a sign of astigmatism or short-sightedness.


These blobs can appear in various forms and in different light: they can appear as dots or strips.

They often appear suddenly, mostly in the presence of bright light. If you see them frequently, it is a serious indication that you may be developing cataracts or something other eye ailment.

Stomach Noises

Rumbling noises are created by the natural processes of the intestines. However, frequent occurrence of such noises means there is something wrong in the intestinal function.

If these are also accompanied by pain, you should immediately see a doctor.

Skin Peeling Off

This can be due to various reasons ranging from lack of essential vitamins in the body to fungal infections. In case you experience peeling skin, start off with a healthy, balanced diet, if however, it is also causing itchiness, you should see a dermatologist – early signs of skin cancer are very similar to this.

Partial Loss of Smell

The sense of smell reduces with age, or damage to the nervous system but in case this happens at a relatively young age, it indicates the existence of strong cold or other viral infection.

Trembling of Eyelids

No, we’re not talking about an Eskimo Kiss.

Prolonged twitching of the eyelids can be caused due to fatigue. This can be cured by washing the eyes with cotton pads soaked in cold water. If it continues for a longer period, it can be a sign of problems with the nervous system.

Ringing Noises in the Ears

Tinnitus is a feeling of ringing or noise in your ears.

This is almost never taken seriously as a health alarm, however, the occurrence of ringing noises may mean ailment of mind or nervous system. The most widespread cause of this is prolonged exposure to loud noises, like the ones of blasting music from headphones. This is an early sign of partial deafness. 

Dislocation of the Shoulder Joint

Some people’s shoulder joints appear to be loose or can be moved in an unusual number of directions.

This is an indication of an unstable shoulder joint — a condition where the ball of the shoulder bone comes out of the socket of the joint. It may be the case that these individuals were simply born with very flexible ligaments, or it could have been caused by a sports injury.

In both cases, however, this is a dangerous condition that can lead to injuries and arthritis.


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