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10 Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

Signs of cheating partner in relationship

Infidelity is like that black coffee stain on your white shirt that just ruins the whole thing. If a partner suspects of the other partner to be adulterous, even if it is not all the way and doesn’t entirely classifies as cheating, just know that from this point on, a lot is going to change in your relationship.

So, before lading such a heavy accusation on your partner make sure that you are positive about this and this is not just paranoia getting the better of you because if you go on to confront your partner about this situation and it turns out that you were wrong all along.

Well let’s just say that the reaction you will receive from the other side would only be mildly different from the one you would get if you were to cheat.

One way you can make sure whether there is a third party involved or not without actually asking your partner is by looking for some signs that your partner who ‘if is cheating’ would throw around without them knowing and that will help you find the truth.

Here are that top 10 signs of a cheating partner in a relationship:

1. Change in Appearance

If you are noticing that your partner who never really cared about their appearance before has now suddenly started to dress nicer and look nicer.

Moreover you just notice that they are putting in a lot of effort in the way they look which they never did before, so it will be quite an obvious sign that there may be a third party involved who may be the force behind this new change.

You may also notice them changing their style for example, if your partner carried a beard before but has now gone all clean-shaven, this, can be an example of that sort.

2. Absence from Home

If you notice that your partner, who loved spending time with you is now barely present at home, even on weekends they are nowhere to be found, this could be a major sign too.

Also if they stop sharing details about their day with you or their plans suddenly keep changing all the time and you may be suspicious of them not being entirely honest with you about where they are spending all their time than this could further confirm your suspicion of your partner being unfaithful.

3. They Act Guilty

After ignoring you for a while, now they are suddenly very attentive and are going out of their way to make you happy.

This could mean that they may be trying to make up for all the evil that they may have committed behind your back and are now only being sweet so that you may not question their earlier unacceptable behavior and to give you further reasons to suspect them.

4. Working Late

Working late is not a sign of infidelity but hearing your partner say that they will be working a bit later than usual and then you may call them at their office or on their phone and they do not pick up.

It means that they are actually not working at the office and could be out with someone else which would have been okay if they did not lie to you about this.

So, them lying to you in this situation could only mean they only used working late as an excuse to meet with someone they don’t want you to find out about.

5. No Intimacy

Whatever intimacy you shared with your partner in your relationship is now entirely gone and there is no more joking around, flirting and sweet-talking moments.

Even when you and your partner are all alone, they seem to deliberately avoid being intimate with you.

This could either be because they don’t find you as attractive as they used to before or because all that attention and intimate moments are reserved for someone else now.

6. They Don’t Want You To Touch Their Phone

You notice that they suddenly panic when you use their phone or laptop and don’t want you to touch or use their gadgets and if you look through their history and you find that it’s been cleared or they avoid attending calls from a certain number when they are around you.

7. Sudden Business Trips

If your partner has suddenly started to take a lot of business trips which you find is something out of the ordinary and doesn’t keep in touch with you during the trips.

When they get back instead of looking worn out or tired they look refreshed and energized and does not thoroughly share with you details about their trip as to necessarily avoid saying something they don’t want you to know. This could be the sign of cheating.

8. Indifferences

Another sign of cheating partner is, you find that your partner is frequently absent not just physically but mentally as well, meaning that they don’t give you definite answers whenever you ask them questions, give you the cold shoulder in public and at home too and do not show any interest in your relationship at all.

9. Withdrawal from Responsibilities

Your partner withdraws from you emotionally and responsibly too. They stop talking about the future plans or that trip you planned to take at the end of the year or that house you had been saving up for a while.

They may also stop worrying about the payments of the bill and stop saving up for the future as well.

10. Unexplained purchasing

You notice that your partner has been spending money on things they never brought home and discussed with you about before buying that could also be for someone else and after buying them they never told you about it either, then this could be a major giveaway of their adultery too.

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