10 Signs of Laziness That Actually Prove You Are A Genius

Do you normally lie down on your bed and stare at the ceiling for a long time? Do you talk to yourself more often than the average person would? Does watching a show or movie over and over again appeal to you?

If you have spent the whole day doing absolutely nothing, then you’re considered lazy. Even other people tell you that you’re lazy even if you can’t admit it to yourself.

It seems that people who are not very motivated and are sometimes sluggish may not actually be lazy; they’re really geniuses. Check out the signs below, and if any of them resonate with you, you’re probably a genius!

1. You don’t have a lot of friends, and it’s not because you’re anti-social. By having fewer friends, you minimize the chances of triggering your social anxiety. Having few friends also allows you to have a lot of time for yourself.

2. You take your sweet a** time completing tasks. Some people like to do several tasks at the same time, but you’re not one of these people. You would rather work one at a time and put in all your effort. That way, you make sure each task is completed well.

3. You tend to doodle whenever you can; it actually comes quite naturally to you. When you doodle, you actually pay more attention to details. This is also a great way for you to unleash new ideas from inside your brain and organize all of your thoughts.

4. You know that teamwork is always vital because it can help complete tasks quicker. You also know how to assign the right tasks to the right people.

5. You take frequent naps. There are times when your brain feels the need to rest for a bit, and in turn, you feel more alert with the various things that you have to do. By taking naps, you recharge your brain power, and you’ve found that your efficiency has increased afterward.

6. You are efficient. Somehow, you find all these shortcuts and solve problems that nobody else could. These alternatives help you, and your teammates, complete tasks quicker.

7. You’re a messy person. Since your mind is always working overtime, there are so many things that you are interested in. You may accomplish the things that you want to do, but this also means you don’t have time to clean up after yourself. Through the mess, you find new ideas and contribute something great to the world.

8. You learn to take things in stride even if other people tend to be high strung. There are times when you can’t stop yourself from eating because you are too focused on finishing your painting.

9. Outsiders think that you’re unproductive. There are times when you are simply looking at the ceiling, but actually, there are so many thoughts and ideas racing through your mind.

10. You talk to yourself. When people see you talking to yourself, they would assume that you are losing it but actually, you talk to yourself so that you can concentrate better.

Even if you are not the type of person who is good with all things that are high tech, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart. You can be brilliant and still be bad at using technology.

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