10 Smart Travel Life Hacks That Will Change The Way You Pack

10 Smart Travel life Hacks That Will Change The Way You Pack life hacks travel

Every time I go on a trip, packing takes up so much of my time that it almost turns into an unpleasant experience. The worst part about it is that when I arrive at my destination I am usually stuck with bunched up clothing, lost jewelry, odd pairs of earrings and wrinkles in my clothes. Once again the internet comes to the rescue with amazing packing tips and travel life hacks. Here are ten trustworthy life hacks travel that work every time.

Take the wrinkle out of the equation with one of the best travel hacks

Flimsy and graceful material that wrinkles rather easily is a frustration that shouldn’t be dealt with on your trip. Wrap these clothing items in plastic and fold them as you normally would. The clothes wrapped in plastic mean no more wrinkles. Thank goodness for awesome travel packing hacks. This will be consider in life hacks travel.

Don’t lose your earrings with one of the best travel packing tips

There is nothing worse than searching for your favorite pair of stud earrings or hoops in a tangle of jewelry. Use buttons! Attach your favorite pairs of earrings to different buttons by placing the earring pins through the button holes. This is one of the best travel life hacks and I use it every time. This will also be consider in life hacks travel.

Travel hacks that utilize your shoes

Use your shoes for extra packing space, rolls of socks and other smaller miscellaneous items will do well when stashed inside your shoes. This gives you more space for other items. When speaking about shoes and all travel life hacks related to shoes store your shoes in shower caps to keep the dirty soles away from your clothes. This will be consider in life hacks travel.

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Travel packing tips 101 says stop stuffing and start folding!

I was guilty of this myself, stuffing my delicate in each and every space I could find inside my suitcase. I realized I was wasting space and even though it takes a bit more time to fold underwear it is one of the best life travel hacks in the long run. Not only is it a space saver it is more hygienic to keep these private items separate from the rest of your clothes.

Travel life hacks from the experts say roll, don’t fold

A lot of frequent travelers say it is better to roll your clothing and not to fold it. This is an economical method of packing and takes up the least space. When I searched online for travel hacks this was one of the most popular methods. Roll your clothes, especially items like t shirts and jeans. You will be amazed at the space you will save.

One of the best travel packing tips suggests keep your dirty laundry separate

Not only is it more hygienic to keep your dirty laundry stashed separately from your clean clothing, it is also a great help when it comes to the painful process of unpacking. Use light disposable drawstring bags for dirty laundry. It is one of the most useful travel packing hacks to air your dirty laundry.

Don’t get caught in the rain with one of the best travel packing hacks

There is most probably nothing worse than wet luggage when you first arrive at your destination. It seems that a lot of travel life hacks suggest that you make sure you pack strategically to avoid a huge dry-cleaning bill. Pack one raincoat at the bottom of your suitcase and one on top, problem solved!

Bubble wrap, valuable and cheap travel hacks

If you want to avoid any spills or your expensive perfume tainting your luggage wrap it up with some bubble wrap. Most jetsetters say that one of their worst travel malfunctions is sweet smelling luggage thanks to perfume bottle breakages. Thank goodness for travel packing hacks.

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Travel packing tips includes the power of vacuum sealing

Suck it up with vacuum seal bags. It is no secret that air takes up space so removing it will make your packing experience a bit easier. Finding yourself sitting on your suitcase trying to zip it up isn’t ideal. Rather make use of valuable travel life hacks to fit it all in comfortably.

One of life’s best travel packing hacks, travel sized cosmetics

It is a privilege that we can now purchase travel size cosmetics to avoid any issues with customs and also avoid space wasting by not taking more than is required. Take just enough, rather use these life packing tips and leave enough space for souvenirs.

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