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10 Telling Signs That You Are In A One Sided Relationship: For Your Partner, You Are Just Convenient

Signs That You Are In A One Sided Relationship

Falling in love and being in a new relationship is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The butterflies in your stomach and the endless dreams and plans in your head make you feel on top of the world. But do not be blinded by love.

When your partner makes you uncertain of his/her commitment and makes you constantly question your relationship, it is time to think things through. Everyone deserves someone, who loves them unconditionally and is willing to commit to the relationship.

Here are 10 signs that show that your partner might not actually be so into you and interested in keeping the relationship: 

1. They are always busy. When your loved one does not find time to be with you, it means they have different priorities and focuses. You deserve someone, who favors you more than other persons and responsibilities.

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2. They do not introduce you to their friends and family. This is a certain sign that they are not planning a future with you. If they hide you from important people in their lives, it actually means they do not want you in their lives for long.

3. They won’t open up to you. If they cannot be truly honest and do not bother to show their real selves, it means they are not certain about the relationship and about you.

4. You always take the initiative. They do not bother to ask you out or plan your dates, you have to always do this for them. In a successful relationship, both partners want to engage and put in the same amount of effort.

5. They text but never call. It is always easier to send a text, but it shows honesty and commitment when a person actually calls. While texting you cannot ever be 100% sure what they are doing and with who, but voice can give away the actual truth.

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6. They do not involve you in future plans. If they plan trips and concerts without you, it means they do not see you in their future. This is a very dangerous sign and usually means that the relationship is going to end soon.

7. They still talk to their exes. If they are serious about their current relationship, they should not keep the last one “alive”. Talking to their exes on a daily bases is quite dangerous because old feelings and memories might light up again and it means that they are not totally over them.

8. They avoid showing affection in public. It is totally fine not to have make-out sessions in public, but if they even won’t hold your hand or put their hand around you, it means they do not want others to know that you are together.

9. They cancel plans all the time. When something important always comes up, it means that you are not that important to them. In a healthy relationship, both partners consider the other one and their feelings. It is quite rude and disrespectful to bail all the time.

healthy relationship

Image Courtesy: Pexels

10. They do not bother to get to know you. This is an obvious sign that they are not in the relationship for the long run. When they do not show interest in you or your family, it just means it is fun for them and they don’t take the relationship seriously.

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