10 Things That Happen When You Live Your Passion

Live your passion

How often do people follow their passion? Rarely. Very few people truly pursue their passions, even though living your passion impacts your life giving you incredible experiences. Doing something that you love is one of the bravest things in life.

It takes courage to follow your dreams rather than just getting used to of what life throws at you. Here are 10 amazing things that happen when you live your passion.

Reduces our level of stress

Almost all adults are often stressed out by their job. Everyone, despite of the fact that they follow their passion and don’t, encounter stress in their lives. The kind of pressure that they will experience makes the difference between the two.

Those people who have a passion and interest in what they are doing have an inner motivation which keeps them going.

People without any motivation are more prone to harmful stress. A person who loves his job is likely to be happy waking up early in comparison to someone who hates his job. The latter would be stressed even if he had to check in at noon for the same job.

Boosts our self-confidence

A person’s self-confidence will definitely increase if they are living their dream. Doing something we are passionate about helps to boost our confidence.

We are able to express ourselves to others confidently without any doubts and feel more encouraged to participate in matters without feeling that’s it’s useless anyway.

A person following their passion has more to offer than one who is merely just doing it passionless.

We become content with the hard work

It can be draining to work for a living. Loving what you do brings more fulfillment in your work. By pursuing your passion, you will no longer feel like you’re wasting your time and you will be happy to accomplish whatever you have achieved without thoughts like “I could be doing something better”.

A better work life balance

When we pursue our passion, our life no longer struggles as much with our work-life balance. We feel motivated to work without getting drained by your job or wanting breaks so often.

Also, when you are passionate you are likely to complete tasks on time which in turn spares you of working extra hours.

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Assists in personal growth

Doubts and uncertainty are unavoidable, but at the end they’re worth the risk. Doing what you love will help you grow both financially and emotionally. You become more decisive and brave to take new steps as you have more courage to take risks.

Attracts positivity

Sometimes, following your passion can attract the right people. A person who is passionate about something is likely to be positive and optimistic while doing it. Due to this they probably Excel at what they do and are more friendly and cheerful which never fails to draw attention!

Helps to overcome fear, doubts and cowardice

Pursuing your passion forces you to stop adjusting and to try out new things. It doesn’t mean you have to give up everything, but you have to move out your comfort zone for better rewards. As mentioned earlier, it takes courage to stop living according to the society and start living for yourself.

You might have to give up on your luxuries till you have sufficient enough through your passion, you might have to listen to crap from others, but remember, in the end it’s always worth it.

Makes us more creative

When we decide to pursue our interest, unleashing our creativity becomes vital. We need to be more creative to conquer all the obstacles in our path to accomplish our goals.

But when we are following our passion, the creativity comes naturally. Our minds are full of ideas and solutions that gets us more motivated to act upon them.

Ability to deal with difficult situations

A difficult situation can be extremely stressful, specially if you are doing something which you don’t like. If one is passionate about what he’s doing, solving difficult problems seems more natural and easy. Solutions erupt from your mind, and you have plenty of plan Bs.

Instead of putting it all on “lets see” and procrastinating till a solution magically appears, a person following his passion is likely to strive and work hard to get rid of stressful situations.

Makes us Happy

Money cannot buy happiness. That is true. Ever wondered why Brandon Stanton, the guy behind the famous page Humans of New York” quit trading bonds despite it being quite fruitful in aspects of money, and pursued photography? In his words “My two biggest lessons learned as a trader are take risks and get comfortable with taking losses and setbacks to help move you forward.

So instead of updating my resume, I decided to forget about money and have a go at something I truly enjoyed”. Money can help you buy you anything, but till your heart is satisfied with what you are doing, no amount of dollars can help you.

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