10 Things Only A Man Who Has Completely Fallen in Love With You Would Do

Men are not as honest and open about their feelings as women are. They tend to hide their true emotions and “play it cool.” It can be quite difficult to understand, what he is actually thinking of you and is he being serious about the relationship or not.

Here are 10 things only men in love do. So find out, if your partner is really interested in you and has fallen completely in love.

1. He Listens to You

There is a big difference between just hearing what the other is saying and listening to their story. Listening means paying full attention and being empathic towards the storyteller. When your man is truly in love with you, he will ask about your day and want to know your every little thought. He also asks for your opinion and usually takes your suggestions.

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2. He Puts in Extra Effort

When a man is completely in love, he wants his princess to feel the best. That means doing chores around the house and helping with whatever is necessary. You do not have to even mention these things to him because he will notice them himself. He is happy to serve you and make you smile.

3. He Remembers The Small Things

Once you have told him something, it will never slip his mind. He remembers all the little details and especially your anniversaries and significant dates. No, he does not need a calendar nor a reminder on his phone.

4. Your Happiness Is His Priority

He is only happy when you are happy. He cannot stand when his girl is sad or angry and he always does his best to change the mood. He wants to do the things you like and meet your friends, so you would feel comfortable and happy.  He can even sacrifice his own events, just to spend time with you.

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5. He Is Not Afraid To Argue

He takes your relationship very seriously and when something is bothering one of you, he wants to talk about it. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and he also wants to hear your side of the story. He is also ready to fight for you and never gives up on the relationship, because to him you are so worth it.

6. He Cares About Your Family

He wants to get to know them very well because they are the closest ones to you. He respects and shows interest in them. When a guy avoids meeting the family or spending time with them, it is a dangerous sign that they do not see a future with you. So a behavior, that is opposite to that, is positive.

7. He Trusts You

Of course, he is jealous, when you are speaking with someone else at a party. But he stays a gentleman and trusts you. He is never making a scene in public and when something really bothers him, he will talk about it privately. He is not the one, who would search through your things and look through your messages because he knows that trust is the base of the relationship.

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8. He Does The Things He Knows You Hate

Whether it is washing the dishes, doing the laundry or making the bed every morning, he will do the chores that he knows you hate. Of course, it is, not fair to make him do all the work around the house, but he will let you choose which ones you like more.

9. He Is Completely Honest

If he respects you, he will never lie to you. Even if it is just a little white lie. He knows you deserve the truth, even if it hurts. He also expects the same kind of behavior from you. So if you want the relationship to last, be honest and real with each other.

10. He Respects You

When he truly loves you, he will respect your wishes, your friends, your everything. He will never take you for granted or be ungrateful. When he loves you, he wants to show it to you every day and make you feel happy and safe.

So when your man does these 10 things, never let him go. Respect him the same way he respects you and shows him as well that you are serious about the relationship and care for him deeply.

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