10 Things to Do When You Are Low.

Throughout our lives, there are some days when we are extremely low. There might be a reason or sometimes there is no reason at all. Every day, whenever we wake up, we rise from our beds with a purpose and a plan.

We have multiple things running on our minds about what we want to do the entire day.

However, some days we are completely blank and we wake up with an intense void in our hearts and our minds. From the moment you step out of bed, you know there’s something that’s blowing off your mood today. There might be a reason for this such as a quarrel you had the night earlier or a task that has been bothering you.

But there also might be a day where you’re confused as to what the problem is and why you feel that way. Some people who believe in horoscopes might claim that their moods are affected by the position of celestial objects in space such as the moon or various planets.

However, whatever the reason might be for you to be low and in a bad mood, only you are responsible of bringing yourself out of it. You need to actively take a step towards making yourself happy and it will definitely work for you.

Here are a few things you can do to lift your mood up whenever you feel low:

  1. Watch a light hearted, comedy movie.

There is nothing better to lift up your mood than a funny movie which you can watch and enjoy. Sometimes all you need to do to lift up your mood is to distract yourself so that you stop your brain from constantly overthinking the issue that is causing it.

  1. Go for a walk or workout.

It has been medically proven by researchers that exercise makes you happy. Working out works up your muscles and results in the release of Endorphins in your brain which are hormones responsible to make you happy. If your brain won’t keep itself happy, you must force it to be. Check out these 5 summer body workouts

  1. Talk to an old friend.

People say that one of the most cherished times of their lives is when they talk to long lost friends and relive the times spent in your childhood. It’s always refreshing to talk to an old friend who has seen you in your best and worst times and was still there to lift your spirits up and joke around.

  1. Re-read an old book.

If you’re a person who loves to read, you would know that there is no greater joy in life than reading your old favorites over and over again being well aware with what will happen in the next chapter. The happiness in revisiting those old, worn out pages is surreal and it can keep you hooked for hours. Study shows that people who read a lot of books are nicer, kinder and empathetic

  1. Take a nap.

Sometimes all your problems can be solved if you take a nap. Not really though, but it does help you forget about it for a little while and let your brain and body rest after all the exertion of overthinking thousands of problems and mistakes in one second.

  1. Cut off anything that gives you negative vibes.

Sometimes are when our gut tells us that something is wrong, there are high chances that something is off that you need to take care of. Always trust your gut feeling about the people you should hang out with and the things you should do. If anything does not give you any positive vibes, it is not meant to stay in your life and ruin your day for you.

  1. Go through your childhood pictures.

Sometimes, all you need to do to lighten up your mood is to revisit your old pictures and memories from when you were young. You will enter back into your childhood and relive all those sweet moments where you lived the best days of your lives without any tensions or stresses to worry about.

  1. Listen to your favorite music.

Music is the best therapy and it is so powerful that it can either build your mood up or bring your mood to ruins in a matter of seconds. Listen to happy, cheer-y music which again leads to the release of ‘happy hormones’ in your brain making you feel light hearted and happy.

  1. Talk to a kid.

Sometimes talking to a kid makes you realize how simple life really is and all we do is make it complicated for ourselves and those around us. Kids spend their lives whole heartedly without a worry in the world while we worry about even the little-est of things in life. This unnecessary anxiety shadows over our lives wearing us out everyday.

  1. Meditate and breathe.

If nothing works for you, all you need to do is step out of the house, sit in open air, close your eyes and breathe. Very often, amidst the worries of everyday life, we forget to breathe calmly. Close your eyes and only focus on your breathe. After sometime, you will not worry about athing in the world and your mind will be completely clear of all the worries in the world. Check out these 5 meditation techniques.

It happens very often that we get so tangled in our everyday lives and worries that we feel there in no way out of it, but that isn’t true. Eventually, you will overcome anything that is pulling you down and making you feel depressed. It might take time and you might feel like there is nothing you can do to forget your worries but that is not true.

Everything will work out for you if you put your heart and soul into healing yourself because trust me, no one can do this for you.

Others can always help you through the process but it is you who has to deal with the little things that bother your peace of mind. Accept them, face them and conquer them with a kind heart.

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