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10 Things You Didn’t Realize Are Happening Because of An Emotionally Neglected Childhood

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not get that much emotional support from their parents in their childhood. This situation, where parents fail to accommodate to the child’s emotional needs, is called childhood emotional neglect.

This feeling can happen even in a loving and caring home. Parents sometimes fail to do or say the right kind of things, and that might affect the kid later in his life as well. Childhood emotional neglect is not an event itself; it is just the parents’ failure to respond correctly.

These aspects have many different effects in the adulthood. For example, you do not feel quite right and assume that everything that is going wrong is your fault. The most important thing is to understand the issue and then find a way to deal with it.

Here are ten signs, that help you recognize, that you were raised with childhood emotional neglect:

1.You Struggle With Self-Discipline

You always question yourself. Even when you think you are right, you do not have the confidence to stand up for your ideas and defend yourself to others. You find it difficult to address your problems, and you have a hard time overcoming your weaknesses.

2.You Feel Empty

You feel like you are not worthy enough and that everyone else is better than you. You are a master of putting yourself down and doubting your every move. This emptiness can also feel like numbness.

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3. You Pride Yourself On Not Relying On Others

You are too stubborn to ask for help. Even if people around you really want to help and support you, you never let anyone in. You do not like to talk about your problems, and you prefer to deal with all the difficulties and struggles by yourself. Not venting or receiving help can be emotionally very tiring because we humans need support from others.

4. You Prefer To Be Alone

You feel like people do not get you, so you often want to be alone. You avoid crowded places and events, where you have to socialize. Connecting with other people is a real challenge for you, but once you get a few good friends, you hold onto them firmly.

5. You Seem To Be Unhappy From Time To Time For No Apparent Reason

Some days you feel depressed, anxious or sad for no apparent reason. You cannot explain it yourself as well. This feeling of not understanding your mind will drive you crazy.

6. You Have Trouble Understanding Your Feelings

You know that you are feeling something, but you do not have the words to explain it. This uncertainty does not apply to only negative emotions; you cannot explain yourself even if you are feeling happy.

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7. You Have Compassion For Others, But Not For Yourself

You are your worst critic. You always bring yourself down and are much harder on yourself than on anyone else. You are okay with other making mistakes and being flawed, but you do not accept it in yourself.

8. You Feel Flawed

You constantly feel that something is not right. You feel that something inside you is wrong. In actuality, you have not done anything wrong, and the feelings you are experiencing are not your fault.

9. You Feel More Connected To Animals And Nature Than You Do With People

You have always felt a connection with nature and animals. As mentioned above, you have a hard time connecting with other humans, but animals are a whole different story. Animals have no hidden agendas, they are sweet and pure creatures, that are easy to care for. Pets are also loyal and love you no matter what.

10. You Feel Like An Outsider

You always feel like an outsider. When you were younger, your parents did not know how to address this problem and did not support you enough. Now, as an adult, you are still having trouble dealing with your emotions and feeling like you are in a wrong place all the time.

The first step to get over this childhood emotional neglect is to acknowledge the problem and find professional help. Of course, you can also turn to your closest friends, but since you are having a hard time opening up to others, it might be easier to see a specialist about it. Do not ever doubt your value and worth and try to be as kind and as understanding with yourself as you are with other people. Take control of your life and change it for the better.

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