10 Things to Do This Summer!

Things to do in summer

Summers are amazing! After long hours of work and studying at schools, colleges and universities, summers are a time where you get to revive your energy and live life on your own terms. Without any deadlines to follow up on, you have all the time to yourself. You can spend this time being extremely productive or extremely lazy, whatever works for you!

This is the time where you can work on yourselves. You can improve your hobbies and interests and do things you don’t really find any time for during regular working days. What helps best to make your days productive is to list down everything that you feel like doing before summers but don’t find any time for. This way you’ll already have a list of things you want to do. Here are a few things you need to do this summer so that you’re refreshed and rejuvenated

Relive your hobbies

We all have hobbies from our childhood which have died down somewhere along the road between assignments and deadlines. These can be something as simple as reading a book.  This is the time to relive your hobbies and to start working on things that genuinely make you happy and satisfied.

Explore your talents

Talents are very rare. Many people never got the opportunity to fully explore their talents hence they don’t know what they are good at. This summer, invest your time into experimenting.  Step out of your comfort zone and look for things that interest you.

Bond with your friends

Do  you remember old friends from school whom you‘ve been trying to meet since ages? All of your old friends are in so many different places now that you just can’t seem to be on one page when it comes to meetups.

Utilize these vacations to spend quality time with your friends. Relive all the old memories and good times that you’ve spent with them and make more memories along the way.

Spend quality time with your family

We always take our families for granted. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we don’t realize how distant we become from our own families as we do not get to spend any time with them. Your family is the only one that is as crazy as you are. We often put in efforts for our friends more than our families because we fear we might lose them.

Family, however, stays through it all no matter how much we take it for granted. So spend some quality time with your parents and siblings. Go out on a fancy dinner or order a takeout, play games and bond as much as you can. You will miss them when they’re not around you all the time anymore.

Go on a vacation

What is a vacation? It is a time where you relax and enjoy the little things in life. To have a vacation doesn’t mean to spend huge amounts of money on expensive air plane tickets and hotels just so you can Instagram the experience. A vacation is any time (even an hour) that you take an off in just to relax and free your mind of all your worries. Considering the stressful lives that we lead today, we must take a ‘mini vacation’ everyday. Check out your ideal vacation this summer, according to your zodiac sign.

Work on yourself.

The best gift you can give yourself is to constantly improve. We are constantly evolving and our bodies are constantly changing. Work out every day, even if it’s only for one hour a day. This everyday effort will have surprising effects on your body and mind. A well planned workout will not only make your body healthy but it will also nurture your mind and your thoughts.  Physical activity is also said to boosts one’s’ mood and thoughts. Check the below summer body workout guide.

5 Summer Body Workout you Should Try

Gift your body with a healthy diet.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’? It actually is true. Your body and mind function according to what you feed it. Yes, Junk food is amazing and the level of satisfaction you get after eating a loaded pizza or a burger is out of this world but consider it a luxury. A luxury which can only be utilized ‘once in a while.’ Transform your diet to healthier alternatives and you will see your body transform accordingly. Eating well will not only re-energize you but also make you feel great and guilt free!

Go through your memories

Take some time out to revisit all your old pictures, videos and memories. Going back in time can make you realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. Take a better look at the people who stood by you through it all and who have been true constants in your life.

Watch lots of movies

Spend your time watching lots and lots of movies. Widen your choices and watch things you’ve never seen before. Only then will you learn about completely new things. You can also educate yourself with books and documentaries about things you’re incredibly passionate about. The amount of learning that can be done through your interests is more than any knowledge that books at school can ever give you.

Do lots of DIYS

We all have a creative child stuck somewhere inside of us waiting to come out. We have suppressed it under pressures of everyday life and appearing ‘normal.’ This mediocrity is devastating and you need to flaunt your creative skills through your work. Look for cool DIYS on the internet and make interesting things out of everyday objects.

Lastly, do anything and everything that makes your heart happy.  Every day we walk through life in the same way, this is our time to flaunt our interests and live our lives the way we want to.

This is the only time where we get to do things for ourselves instead of deadlines and grades. Try and make the most out of this time of the year. Learn something new while brushing  up on your old skills.

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