10 Turn-Ons For Girls That You Cannot Think of By Yourself

Before moving forward in details about various turn-ons for girls, you need to know that not turn-ons for girls mean that they are ready to get down and dirty! But yes, it really is a sense of sensation which may potentially lead to a steamy bedroom! So, don’t believe what you see in the movies or read in a Penthouse forum when it comes to what turns a woman on.

We get turned on by many things in everyday life and here are 10 of the best turn-ons for girls.

1. Keeping Things Tidy

Women are consistently automatically put in charge of cleaning throughout their lives so it should be no surprise how much of a turn on it is to see a partner doing the same. We find it incredibly sexy!

2. Sneak a Kiss from Behind

This is one “movie move” that all women love! Sneak up behind her while she’s not paying attention, slide those hands around her hips, and plant one right on her cheek, or better yet, on her neck for an excellent response.

3. Knows Their Way Around the Kitchen

One of the most undermined turn-ons for girls is a good chef!

It will always capture her attention when a partner can just jump right in the kitchen and start cooking up a casserole. Get her juices flowing by following up with the dishes; she’ll thank you for it later!

4. Massages Without Her Asking

Everyone loves a good massage but to give a woman a massage without her having to ask is one of the major turn-ons for girls. It helps them to relax and unwind while getting the blood flowing, which may even lead to some EXTRA fun afterward *wink*

5. Responsible in Their Life

It may sound lame to some but, according to women, a partner that shows they are competent in their life is a turn-on for sure. Responsible behavior will always make a girl smile, which will keep her mood elevated and let’s be honest: everyone benefits from that!

6. Brag About Her

When a woman’s partner takes it upon themselves to brag about her to others she will be filled with so many good emotions it’s not even funny! Excitement, happiness, and everything in between will be pouring out of her followed by the need to show her appreciation to the one she loves.

7. Instinctive Sleep Cuddling

Now this one is a little difficult to pull off since it occurs when you are asleep or just slightly awake. When a partner starts to stir in the morning and still manages to lovingly pull her close to cuddle she will be turned on almost immediately. The warm closeness of her partner by her side is just plain hot!

8. Secret Leg Play

There’s nothing more cute and sexy at the same time than when a partner rubs up a little on your leg when at a social gathering or having dinner at a restaurant. This public (yet secret!) move is sure to light her fire as well as yours.

9. Involved Socially with Your Family

Most people hold family pretty high regarding value, and for a partner to take an honest interest in socializing with her family, she’ll find it hard not to notice. It’s seriously admirable and is a special display that you care about her and her roots.

10. Carrying Her Bags

This is a straightforward move that turns a woman on! Shopping is exhausting so carry her bags for her, and you’ll surely get her attention, and then some! It may seem minuscule but, to a woman, it practically means the world.

While you’re at it: don’t forget that carrying in bags of groceries counts too.

You can’t go wrong with incorporating a few of these things into your relationship with that special woman in your life. Have fun with it!

Stephanie Tanner :Stephanie Tanner is a stay at home mother dedicated to writing on every subject she can get her hands on. Learning, writing, and being a great parent are her main passions along with cooking, gaming and staying active. Her favorite quote sums it up, “The only evil is ignorance, the only good is Knowledge” - Nick Traina