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10 Ultimate Shortcuts to Finding Inner Peace in Life

10 Ultimate Shortcuts to Finding Inner Peace in Life

With today’s hustle and bustle we tend to forget about finding inner peace. It’s a rush to get to work, to get the kids to school, to get home and get everyone fed and on it goes. This would be the main reason why our generation is so sickly and almost everyone has suffered from some ailment related to stress. It is incredibly important to start finding peach within.

Here are 10 shortcuts that might help as a guideline to finding inner peace.

Take time out for inner peace meditation

I always say if I had a stop button to bring the world to a grinding halt I would push it once a day. Life just rushes by and time slips away incredibly fast. A good way to start finding inner peace is by starting a form of inner peace meditation.  Find activities that help you meditate for example breathing exercises and perhaps just taking a silent moment listening to calming music. It is incredibly hard to clear one’s mind completely but by starting the process of thinking less finding inner peace becomes easier.

Love for a pet helps finding peace within

I find that after a hard day I find calm by petting my cat. It has been proven that our furry friends are considered as therapy for people with disabilities. It doesn’t matter what mood I am in, once I cuddle my feline child I smile and calm down regardless. Finding inner peace by simply loving your pets is a great way to start.

Cook your way to finding inner peace

Cooking a delicious meal and experimenting with new ingredients is a calm and creative way of finding peace within. Try out new recipes and be experimental. The idea of this process is that your mind will be occupied with the task at hand and other concerns will be gone.

Finding peace within means getting rid of the clutter

True peace cannot be found if your surroundings are disorganized and filled with clutter. Have a cleanup day at home and at the office. Get rid of the things you have no use for. Perhaps donate clothing and items someone less privileged might need, this can only add to your path to finding peace within.

Finding inner peace means stop sweating the small stuff

I am a natural drama queen and for this reason I tend to get incredibly frustrated and angry about small things. If my boyfriend for example spills a cup of coffee I tend to freak out. I realized this added to my stress and caused me to be rather unpleasant. Now if I get to that point I ask myself, will this occurrence matter in 5 years time? Finding inner peace is not possible if you allow yourself to get upset by minor things.

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Do your favorite thing more often and start finding inner peace

Life is so busy that we sometimes find ourselves collapsing on our beds after a long hard day without doing any of the things we love. Read a book, watch your favorite program or go for a run. Take the time to do the things you love. This is a wonderful way of finding peace within.

Inner peace meditation equals no tech days

Get rid of your Smartphone, tablet or Laptop for a day. Let your loved ones know that you are going to be off the radar, instead take time and enjoy the silence by doing something old school for example making something. Inner peace meditation should occur with no distractions.

Letting go is a method of inner peace meditation

If there are relevant concerns that weigh you down take the time to decide if you can do anything about the situation, if so start with a strategic problem solving journey. If not for example losing a loved one, grieve but understand that you would need to let go, remember the good times and take time for inner peace meditation.

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Yoga, a relaxing and spiritual method of finding peace within

The ancient practice of yoga not only leaves you with a clear mind, it is also fantastic for your physique. This method of inner peace meditation gets you stretching and allows you the breath of fresh air that you need to face another day.

Slowing down is the trick to finding inner peace

Everything we do we do rushed and as fast as we possibly can in order to allow us to take on more tasks or to rush through the next thing we need to do. Finding inner peace means we need to slow down, in other words walking, eating, having a shower and just about any activity you undertake. Slow down and enjoy things more.

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