10 Ways to Keep Your Self Motivated When Depressed

How to keep yourself motivated when depressed?

If you have been feeling miserable and have lost all interest in the activities once you enjoyed? You have noticed a reckless behavior within you because you feel helpless and hopeless at the same time. And this hopelessness has also pushed you to harm yourself.

Not just this you in recent times notice your grades falling and your academic performance collapsing.

I can tell that you have been suffering from depression, a mood disorder that involves a constant feeling of unhappiness and loss of interest.

This will be of no surprise to you that a report of World Health Organization (2017) states that 300 million people around the world have depression.

Depression should not be left untreated, otherwise can lead to serious damages that can affect every aspect of your life. This is no lie that depression can be treated.

Doctors work hard to create a treatment plan according to the patient. All you have to do is to stick to the plan and fight with all your will and keep your self motivated when depressed.

Symptoms of Depression

You will experience these symptoms of depression, not necessarily all.

  1. Changes in appetite
  2. Sleeping too much or too little
  3. Feeling of restlessness
  4. Loss of energy
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Mood swings
  7. Constant thoughts of death suicide and harming one self
  8. Anxiety etc.

Dangers of Depression

Now if the person is left untreated the complications might grow, these are a few dangers that can be resulted because of depression.

1. Loss of One’s Life

The most dangerous is the loss of one’s life. Constant suicide attempts might result in death, because this is the only way of escaping the pain and they feel as if this is the only way out.

2. Reckless Behavior

This can also be caused by depression which is really hard to get rid of. The person really gets out of control and goes through several behavioral changes.

3. Poor Academic Performance

Poor academic performance. This one really shows up if not now than later on. The loss of interest leads to the person not concentrating on anything which means studies are also affected.

4. Health Damage

Health is also damaged and many concerns arise. As we know this is an unhealthy cycle. Depression worsens the health and the person suffers. No food no sleep, this really makes the health diminish.

5. Self Injury

Self injury is also a danger of depression, constant harm to one self can lead to many problems. The person should be kept under observation to avoid any injuries.

6. Relationship Problems

Relationship problems, constant mood changes and a reckless behavior might result in the person bursting out at any loved one. And this might result in weakening of the relationships.

Because the person is emotionally, mentally and physically drained and does not have control over his actions. At many times he won’t be there for his friends and family.

How to Avoid Depression?

But remember depression is treatable, and all of these dangerous consequences of untreated depression can be avoided. Here are a few ways we can help ourselves and keep away from depression.

 1. Talk to People

It is mostly a good idea to share your emotional condition with people you know will actually be worried and concerned. This does not have to be your parents but can be anyone you think has the ability to listen to you.

It can be your neighbors or your classmate. Keep a number on speed dial for the person you are most comfortable with to talk to.

2. Make a Reminder

You can make notes or a small box that has notes to remind you of the things you should be grateful for.  This can be your family, your pets your friends, the gadgets you have etc.

3. Talk to a Therapist

This is one of the most important things one shall do to fight depression. Clinical depression once diagnosed is manageable hence always try to seek medical help.

4. Find a Better Group of People

It is always important to see who you are spending your most time with? And whether that person is affecting you emotionally?

Removing toxic people from your life will greatly affect a person emotional well being. It can be a relationship that is affecting you.

5. Change Your Lifestyle

A root cause of depressed can be a person’s lifestyle.

6. Keep Yourself Busy

What are you spending your time on? If there’s nothing that you do all day, it’s time to change that. Find a few hobbies and keep yourself busy. Take up a new job for some time. It will help keeping your mind of the trouble.

7. Self Care

Sometimes when one is unable to take care of themselves it leads to depression.  Take a healthy diet that includes a balanced amount of everything. A daily dose of sunlight is important. Exercise to keep your body moving.

8. Enjoy the Little Things

 Keep folders of your favorite uplifting movies and TV shows that. Make you laugh and remind you of ways to enjoy life.

 9. Get Moving

It is never advised to stay in-door when you feel low. Stay connected with the nature so that its energy and tranquility soothes you.

Sit down on a bench and watch the sun or get your feet wet in the sea. The closer one stays to nature the better will be his mental status.

10. Do What You Love

Make a list of things you love to do which might include driving or cooking or exercising. It might be anything that brings you back to your happier self.

It may take time to find exactly what makes you the happiest but take your time and figure it out to help you survive those low moments.

Wrapping Up

These are a few things that the person as well as the people around him should take care of. And keep in mind nothing happens just like that, it takes time. You will heal but it will take time.

Know that there are a lot of people around you that are suffering with the same disorder and that you are not alone in this. Keep fighting.

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