10 Worst Mistakes Couples Make in Bed That Damages Their Sex Life Completely

Practice makes perfect. That applies in the bedroom as well. Some have more experiences between the sheets than others.

There are some do’s and don’ts that everyone should know. Here is a list of 10 common mistakes that both men and women do in bed:

1. Just Lying Still

Do not make your partner do all the work. For the fullest enjoyment, you both need to work hard and please each other. When it is only one-sided effort do not be surprised when you do not hear from him/her ever again.

2. Being Afraid of Giving Feedback

This one is widespread. People are scared or too shy to tell what they like and what they do not like. This happens even in long-term relationships. So speak up! Say what turns you on and what you like. Ask your partner the same things, only this way you can both get the most out of the sex.

3. Assuming Your Partner Feels The Same Way About Casual Sex

Again, talking is the key. Even before sex, ask your partner’s point of view on what you are doing. Is this just a one-night thing, a fling or is he in it for something real and long-lasting? It might be awkward to talk about this after sex because you might have had different expectations. So let your partner know where you stand and take into consideration what does he/she think.

4. Thinking Sex Will Reduce Your Partner’s Stress

Well, it is known that sex can reduce stress and relax the mind and the body. But do not force yourself on your partner just because you think that’s what they need. When they want to have sex, they will let you know. Pushing someone into sex when they are not up for it can cause them even more stress.

5. Accepting Foreplay But Not Doing It Yourself

You might think that the partner must get you in the mood and seduce you first. You both need to make each other feel special and wanted. It is not a single thing again. Do not just wait for your partner to act, but take charge and get your partner in the mood for exchange.

6. Forgetting About Foreplay and Just Jumping Into The Act

When you are turned on and ready to go, it does not mean that your partner does not need some time. So listen and understand your partner and their body carefully, because when you rush into things, you might kill the mood completely. Taking some time and teasing a little bit can be very hot and might make the experience a whole lot better.

7. Thinking About Yourself, Not Your Partner

As mentioned above, pay attention to your partner’s body and movements. You might have a lot of energy to go on forever, but they might not. Know when it is time to finish or to charge your batteries for the next round. Girls can usually last longer than guys, but it depends on the person you are with. So communicate and understand their wishes as well.

8. Talking Too Much

Communication is excellent. It is important to let your partner know what you like and don’t like. But talking too much or too specifically can kill the mood. Sex should be organic and smooth, do not make it too technical. Let them know that you like what they are doing, but also know when to shut up.

9. Forgetting To Trim Down Under

A beautiful and clean body is sexy. You cannot expect your partner to shave if you do not do it yourself. In a long-term relationship, of course, it is necessary to understand what the other one likes. But if you just meet someone, do not scare them away with too much hair down under.

10. Turning Cuddles Into Sex

This is not always the best thing. Of course, when sometimes things get heated up it is nice to follow the energy and have sex. But every cuddle time should not turn into sex. When cuddles start to equal sex in the relationship, your partner might not want to get close at all when he/she is not in the mood for sex. Distinguishing sweet, secure cuddles from heated and sexy foreplay is important.

So think about the way you are and if you do some of the things mentioned in the list, then stop immediately! It is never late to learn and to improve yourself. The most important aspect to remember is that sex is an act between two people and you both need to listen to each other and make an effort to get the best result out of it.

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