11 Gross Signs That You Have Reached The Highest Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

When a couple has been together for a long time, it is normal for the partners to feel comfortable and free around each other. Some couples tend to go too far and not keep anything private.

Find out if you are one of those couples by these 11 signs, that only extremely comfortable partners do in front of each other:

1. Shaving Your Legs

At first, a lot of girls try to impress, their boyfriend with the silkiest legs. But when time passes and they become more secure in the relationship, they do not bother themselves with shaving. Even if you have been together for a long time, being sexy and going the extra mile for your partner is still a turn on.

2. Farting In Front of Each Other

When you first do it, there is no way back. Couples, who fart in front of each other, have the highest level of comfort around each other. But be aware, that being that opened with your lover might be a total turn off.

3. Talking About Poop

When you start to say “I need to poo so badly” instead of “I need to use the toilet,” you know that you have been together for a long time. Talking about your bathroom activities is not the sexiest thing to do, but if you are both comfortable with that, go ahead.

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4. Period Talk is Normal

At first, a lot of girls are embarrassed by their period. It is a regular thing, and it is okay and even necessary to talk about it with your partner. That can cause a lot of mood swings, and it is always better to know the reason. Also, you need to agree about your sex life during menstruation. Some couples do not let a little blood spoil the mood; others prefer to wait until the period is gone.

5. Not Closing The Rest Room Door While Taking A Piss

A couple must feel very comfortable around each other if they do not mind hearing or seeing the other person on the toilet. A lot of couples never get so close, that they are okay with using the bathroom at the same time, for example, one is peeing, and the other one is brushing their teeth.

6. Taking a Shower Together .. (Wait, That’s Not The Gross Part) 

If one of you does that, you have reached the highest level of grossness. And if the partner does not mind, that’s even worse. It is always better to keep some mystery and excitement in the relationship. Once you or your partner pee in the shower, the image can never be erased from your heads.

Image Courtesy: The Intimacy Dojo (www.theintimacydojo.com)

7. Not Caring About Morning Breath

We as humans get used to everything. Even the bad breath in the morning. Still, out of respect, you should always brush your teeth, before having a morning make-up session. If you don’t, your partner might not be that eager to have these kisses in the future as well.

8. Spotting Pimples on Each Other

At first, people only give compliments to each other. And when you have been together for some time, you start to point out the bad things as well. Whether it is the clothes, the haircut or pimples. Spotting pimples are a new kind of hobby you as a couple like to do.

9. Kissing in Sickness (and In Health)

You stop caring about your partner’s cold or microbes because you are anyway all the time together. So kissing with fever, a cold or other sickness is no problem for you. You are not disgusted by the running nose, whooping cough or other unsexy things.

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10. Weight Gain is Not Embarrassing

As mentioned above, when you first start to have a relationship, you try to be as perfect as possible. Both partners try to hide their mistakes at first, but when time passes by, people feel comfortable and secure with their other half. They start to talk about weight gain without feeling embarrassing nor insulted.

11. Despite All the Points Above, You Still Find Your Partner Attractive

There are a lot of good things about being very honest and open with your other half. It is important that you can feel yourself around them and not hide anything. When you have been together for some time, you get used to each other’s weirdness and learn to love it.

Always choose a partner you can be your authentic self around. When you trust each other, you feel secure to show your true colors and are not afraid to be imperfect and wrong from time to time. The most important thing is to be on the same level of grossness with each other and not to scare your partner with your openness!

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