11 Signs That Your Child Might Be A Natural Born Empath With A Unique Gift

Empathic children, as all empathic people, feel other people’s emotion strongly. They can instantly tell if someone is not being authentic or is hiding something. Empathic people can also read others’ emotions, and when someone around them is feeling sad or angry, this affects them as well.

Being empath is a gift. But it can be hard to handle at an early age. Empathic children are highly sensitive, and that is why their senses are heightened as well. They might not always know how to manage with these overwhelming emotions, but as they grow older and experience life more, they learn to control it better.

Empathic children are often labeled as shy, antisocial or anxious. Actually, our society just fails to recognize them and understand them. They are so much more vulnerable because they are affected by emotions around them. Teachers might not always get that and mistake them for just problematic or quiet children.

Empathic children need the right guidance that will help them grow and flourish. When they are taught correctly, they are the happiest, strongest and most helpful people on earth. They will eventually change the world for the better.

Here are 12 signs, that your children might be empathic:

1. They feel things deeply

They have very strong emotions about certain things, people, places or subjects. Do not ignore their thoughts. Try to understand and analyze them thoroughly.

2. Crowds And Noise Overstimulate Them

Because they sense everything in a heightened way, they get quickly tired of large crowds, busy streets and lots of noise. They hate these situations because it makes them feel stressed out. Respect that and try to avoid taking them to this kind of places.

3. They react strongly to sad or frightening books and movies

When they take everything to heart and almost experience the same emotions as the hero in the book or movie, your children are very empathic. It is a gift to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes at an early age and understand what they are going through. Of course, this can be mentally tiring to them as well, so try to avoid having too overwhelming emotions often.

4. They try to avoid family gatherings because it is too much for them

As mentioned above, they feel all the energy and emotions from people around them. When they are in a crowded room, they might get overwhelmed by the different energies, especially when they are not positive ones.

5. They have a hard time fitting in

They might feel different from other children because they are different. They are so much wiser and more sensitive than any other kid at their age. They might not connect with kids at their age because they are too immature for your empathic children.

6. They are good listeners and compassionate with others

They might not always know how to solve a difficult situation (they are still children), but they are great listeners. Talking to them might actually make you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. There is almost something magical in talking to empathic kids; you just know that they see right through you and give you the power to move on.

7. They surprise you with intuitive comments about others or yourself

Empathic children will definitely notice things that other kids nor grown-ups will see. They might comment on your body language, the shape of your lips or the tone of your voice. They are very sensitive and also observant, which means you cannot hide anything from them.

8. They have a strong connection to nature, plants, animals

You might even notice that animals act differently around them because they have a way of communicating with them. They also have huge respect for the nature and the world around us, so they want to take care of it.

9. They enjoy spending more time alone than playing with other kids

Although they might have a couple of great friends, they do not enjoy spending time with a lot of children. They prefer one on one playdates and conversations because then there is less different energies and less stress.

10. They are affected by their friends’ emotions

Empathic people tend to live through all the same emotions that their close ones do. This means that when something good happens, they are sincerely happy for you and feel better themselves as well. This applies to the opposite emotions the same way. When something tragic happens, it affects them almost as much as it affects their friend.

11. They absorb emotions from other people

When someone around them is depressed, angry or anxious, they feel uncomfortable. Even if the person around them tries to hide it and puts on a happy face, emphatic children will immediately know when something is wrong.

As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to teach your children the right values. It is important to let them know, that they are different and that it is completely fine. Teach them to embrace their special personality traits, not to feel embarrassed or insecure because of that.

Children are very vulnerable, and it is your duty to make them feel safe, loved and taught them to use their full potential.

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