11 Signs You May Be Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening – often referred to as a state of ‘wakefulness’ – provides a person with a more enhanced, better view of life. It usually comes from transcendence to a state of higher consciousness, which makes a person more aware and allows them to process life in a new and exciting way. It can be triggered by a moment of epiphany, or a new-found connection to a higher power. Either way, there are a lot of ways in which a spiritual awakening will change your life.

1. Increased perception

A person who is spiritually awake will experience a clearer, purer version of the world as we know it. They particularly appreciate nature, and the natural wonders our world has to provide. A spiritually awake person may feel a strong connection with animals and the earth. This increases a person’s sensitivity and provides them with a beautiful view restricted to others by the walls they build around them. People also describe this making them feel more ‘alive.’

2. Time has less meaning

When you are spiritually awake, your focus on time shifts. It makes you focus less on the past and the future and allows you to live more in the present moment. An awakening provides an exemption from past mistakes and allows you to live life without limitation or fear of messing up. With this feeling, time is swallowed up and becomes less important.

3. Awareness of a presence

With an intense spiritual awakening comes a sensation of a presence, living within and around you. Some people think the spirit is powerful, but not unlike us. Others believe this is a Godly presence, and that it surrounds us, whether we’re aware or not.

4. Inner peace

It’s almost like being in a constant meditative state. All the white noise in your head subsides and gives way to a peaceful calm, a quietness that can only be found through a spiritual awakening. We are a busy race, and we’re always crowding our heads with unnecessary clutter, and it can lead to negative thoughts and difficulty in focusing. Some clear their heads of this chatter completely, while others report feeling disconnected from their intrusive thoughts, and thus, they find peace.

5. Increased empathy

One of the beauties of a spiritual awakening is the connection to our softer side that is often discovered. After we have a spiritual awakening, we get in touch with these emotions and use them to channel positivity. We become more generous, more caring and more perceptive to other’s emotions.

6. Better emotional and physical well-being

Wakefulness provides us with an invaluable trait – well-being. Though life isn’t suddenly a dream, those who experience a spiritual awakening are often better off in every sense. It helps us let go of anxieties and uncertainty, and we experience more positive emotions, leaving boredom, hate, and anger behind. Wakefulness also inspires gratitude in us all and makes us thankful for what we have even in times of sorrow.

7. A lessened fear of death

Death is unpredictable, which is why we as humans seem to fear it so much. It means we leave a lot behind, which inspires us to keep on living. A spiritual awakening makes it clear why this shouldn’t matter. We become aware that we are not the center of the universe. We don’t matter as much as we believe we do, and the world keeps spinning without us. We also become aware that our spirits remain longer than our body does, and that there’s no need to fear death when part of us will always live on.

8. Our identity changes

It’s easy to blend into the crowd, and sometimes it’s desirable too. We give ourselves labels to make us a part of the larger picture, but it takes away from who we are inside. We are not defined by our religion, or our jobs, or our political stance. We discover this during a spiritual awakening. We let go of our egos and our fears and allow ourselves to be true to who we are.

9. Heightened morality

Someone who has woken up will experience a higher sense of morality – they will act more according to ethical guidelines, and will become better people. Someone who is experiencing wakefulness will adhere to typical acts of kindness, and will never treat a person differently to anyone else. They feel the sense that it’s not their place to judge a person and leave it to a higher power to dole out destiny.

10. Appreciation of inactivity

So many of us live busy lives, never giving ourselves time to stop and rest. Someone who is spiritually awake doesn’t feel the need to be rushed off their feet to be fulfilled. They’re quite happy to sit and be still, and they will appreciate the time that they have to do so. They won’t search for distractions the way other people do, and they won’t be so drawn to social media and mobile phones. They find peacefulness the perfect way to be settled.

11. Relationships change

People react in new ways when they discover their friend or family member is spiritually awake. Some believe it’s a selfish way to live, while most experience a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their newly awakened friend. This is due to the spiritually improved a person’s new-found empathy and their ability to rise above conflict and live a better life.

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