11 Signs You Secretly Have A True Gypsy Soul

Oh to be blessed with the soul of a gypsy! Free-spirited and always up for new adventures, these wonderful beings make for great company and even better friends. Here are 11 signs that you have a gypsy soul.

1. Bohemian-Spirited Mind

Your free-spirited mindset is entirely bohemian: you don’t believe in the rules of society and will never be held down to lead a boring life. You operate in your world and know what you want from life. It is the one sign of true gypsy soul.

2. Fueled By Emotions and Cares Deeply

Another sign of true gypsy soul is, your emotions are evident to you, and you feel them genuinely. They often feed your day and what’s to come of it. Luckily, you are also able to let go of negative feelings pretty quickly because, in your opinion, negative emotions are merely a waste of time.

3. Highly Intuitive

You have a natural gift of being highly intuitive, and you use it as often as possible. Your ability to tap into your internal compass dramatically allows you to travel through life, and people, with ease.

4. Love for Adventure and Travel

Going to new places and discovering new adventures will always be a part of who you are. You aren’t one to stay in one place for too long and love to find new beginnings in every aspect of your life. It is an another sign of true gypsy soul.

5. One with Nature

If you have true gypsy soul then nothing keeps you from staying in touch with the outdoors. You crave nature on a very high level, and few places are more peaceful and perfect to you. Just the mere thought of a mid-summer day picking flowers in a meadow brings a solid smile to your face.

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6. Unpredictable and Spontaneous

People often see you as the life of the party because of your boundless soul that loves to keep things interesting by being spontaneous and is never one to be predictable. Life is your oyster, and you intend to experience it to the fullest.

7. Great Appreciation for Art

The World of Art means everything to you. You love to drop into any museum and soak in all of the unique works of art from around the world. For you, art and the artist behind the work are more than just creators. You find a lot of beauty in the emotions of the artist that goes into their work and appreciate it for its actual value: priceless.

8. Not Afraid to Speak Your Mind

You are strong-willed and not afraid to show it. Since you are so tuned in to your emotions and details in life, you always have a plan in place. Your headstrong ways have ever served you well.

9. Optimistic About Everything

If you have true gypsy soul then negativity does not come quickly to you.

Time is essential and should never be wasted. You naturally find the good in everything and are always optimistic, even in the worst of times.

10. No Fear in Life

You are never one to be afraid in life. You have a healthy appetite for trying new things and are thoroughly prepared for anything that comes your way. Your strength is always in high-gear, and you’re still up for a challenge, so nothing ever comes close to scaring you. This is the sign of true gypsy soul.

11. Prefers Never to Be Tied Down

A free-spirited individual such as yourself may feel the need to settle down once in a great while but it seldom ever sticks. It never fails that you always end up reverting to your true self only to take off towards your next, big adventure.

If you are one with a gypsy soul, it is safe to say you have brought a lot of light into the lives of the people you have known. Enjoy life for everything it has to offer as peace and harmony are sure to follow.

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