11 Things Only The Man Who Loves You Will Notice

Have you ever noticed that couples who have been together for a long time seem to be in sync with one another? They’re so comfortable being their true selves that there’s nothing to hide, and this opens the door for a more genuine, trusting relationship; one that will stand the test of time and the worst of storms.

The longer two people spend together, the more they learn about one another. It’s just like anything else you are interested in, you study and remember the important details so you can reference them again later. Relationships are different than learning how to bake a batch of cookies, but there are similarities.

It takes the right ingredients to build a long-lasting relationship, and you better believe that your man is paying close attention to all the little details about you, to get to know you better. In fact, many of the things he’s paying attention to seem like insignificant details to you probably, but to the guy who’s falling for you, they are clues about how to win (and keep) your heart.

1. Your Favorite Color

It may seem familiar to you, but if you choose a specific color more often than others, he’s going to notice. Things like the colors you used to decorate your bedroom are essential because that is your comfortable space, where you rest and unwind. Also, one look at your closet can reveal clues about the colors you choose to wear most often. When you wear a particular color, he may try to use that to guess what mood you’re in.

2. Your Facial Expressions

We don’t think much about our facial reactions because they happen naturally in response to what is happening around us. You may not even notice that you nibble on your lip if you’re nervous about something, but he’s going to. Facial expressions are a sure sign as to how you’re feeling and can tell him if you’re enjoying yourself or are bored and ready to go home.

3. What You Choose To Drink

We all have our favorite drinks and if you order something more than once he will take note and save that information for the future. If it’s been a long day and you need to perk up, you might choose a coffee or tea. Or maybe you’ve had one of those stressful, hectic days and needed to unwind; you might order a beer or a cocktail. Either way, he’s going to notice and remember.

4. Your Hobbies Or Favorite Activities

The things that make us happy in life are significant on many different levels, and it’s important to support these hobbies when you’re in a relationship with someone. The activities we choose to do in our spare time help manage our stress levels and keep us active and engaged. So if you’re a dancer, he’ll most likely want a seat in the front row at your performance. Or if you’re into gardening he may want to help you pull weeds or harvest your vegetables. Supporting and being involved are ways that he’ll show he’s interested in the things that interest you.

5. Your Favorite Tunes

If you have a favorite band or song, he’ll remember. Maybe he’ll surprise you on a future date with tickets to see your favorite band. Or perhaps he’ll play your favorite song in the background when he’s trying to be romantic. Music also gives many clues as to how we’re feeling. If you need to relax you might want to put on something slower and more soothing compared to if you are trying to motivate yourself for a run and are playing your favorite dance mix.

6. Your Beautiful Smile

When he notices your smile it makes him want to smile too, because what’s better than seeing the one you love happy? You might not think much about it because it’s just a reaction to things that bring you joy but he’s paying attention, and he thinks it’s beautiful.

7. Your Makeup Choices

Us women love our makeup, and for a good reason. It makes us feel confident and fixes things we view as imperfections. Your man pays attention to the makeup we wear even if he doesn’t say much about it because it gives him a sense of how you’re feeling. We also tend to do our makeup differently for places like work compared to if we are going out. So if you see your man checking out your makeup, he’s probably gathering clues about what kind of day you plan to have.

8. Your Favorite Foods

Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship, it’s hard to eat much with the ‘butterflies in your belly’ feeling, but he’s paying attention. Are you nibbling on a salad or ordering a big burger with fries. These choices will give him a clue as to how comfortable you are around him. He’ll also remember your favorite foods because it will give him clues to the places you might enjoy going out to eat.

9. Things That Cause You Anxiety

In this modern age where everything is “go, go, go” all the time it’s easy to feel stressed out. Seeing you happy is relevant to your man so if there is something that causes you to feel anxious he’ll pay attention and try to avoid it if possible.

10. Your Little Quirks

We all have our little quirks, and the guy that loves you is sure to notice. These things that we might think are weird about ourselves make us even more endearing to him. Perhaps you twirl your hair when you’re nervous or rub your hands together really fast when you’re cold. These little personality traits are part of what makes you the girl he loves, so just be yourself.

11. Things That Excite You

Maybe you love the beach and when you talk about your last vacation your eyes sparkle and entire demeanor changes when you reminisce about the way the ocean breeze blew through your hair and the sand squished between your toes. He’s paying attention and most likely hoping to experience it with you someday. One of the most wonderful things about him is that he loves to see you happy and will try to bring you joy whenever he can.

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About the Author: Bethany Vincent is a writer from La Grange Kentucky who has loved playing with words since she first learned to speak. She lives with her teenage son and adopted dog daughter in a cute, yellow house with a picket fence. During college at the University of Louisville, she could be found at the writing center most of the time and her main areas of focus were literature, creative writing, and visual arts. Bethany has contributed articles and created content for many websites and blogs during her writing career. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, juggle-dancing, yoga, photography, cooking and singing along with her favorite songs while in the car driving. In the future, she plans to finish writing her first book and hopes to travel to all the beautiful places that she’s read about.

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