12 Signs That You Have Finally Met Someone From Your Soul Group

what is a soul group

We have all felt that with some people we have a deeper connection than with others. It does not depend on how long have we known them nor how often do we see them. Sometimes the feeling of a secure connection can happen with a person you have just met. You might feel like you have known them your whole life. This could be a sign that you have met someone from your soul group or soul family.


What does the soul group mean?

People whom you have instant connection with, are called your “soul group” or “soul family”. How is it possible to feel a deep connection with a complete stranger?

It can be quite scary because they should not know you, but somehow they finish your sentences before you do. Or you say the same thing at the same time. These people belong to your soul group.

what is a soul family?

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What is a “soul family”?

The “soul family” consists of people, whose hearts connect on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. These people share an instant connection, and it is stronger than other ones.

This connection is possible because these souls share similar levels of vibration and connect with each other through that.

This connection is not about the same hobbies or interests, the soul relationship is much stronger and does not even need any words. It just a feeling these people gets when they meet someone from their soul family.

This connection does not have to be romantic, the “soul family” just has the same energetic vibes, and that’s why they feel connected to each other.

What’s the purpose of “Soul Families”?

Meeting someone from your “soul family” is an indescribable feeling. They come to your life to teach you something valuable or make you realize an important truth.

We need them to feel safe and connected, to feel that we are not alone and we belong somewhere. The feeling, when you meet someone who understands you and feels you without you even saying a word, is so comforting and exciting at the same time.

As these soul families have spiritual connections, the physical body does not play a role here. The bond within the household lives longer than any human itself, and it travels with the soul to a new body.

You might also find your one and only soul mate from that group. You must be open to growing and changing and developing; otherwise your soul group cannot help or support you.

what is the purpose of soul family?

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How to find your soul group?

Find out, if you have met someone from your soul family by these 12 signs:

1. Deep and engaging eye contact

You might not know each other, but when your eyes (the mirrors of souls) meet, you just cannot stop staring. It does not feel awkward nor flirty; it just seems like you have just seen your old friend.

You feel comfort and safety in their eyes. You want an instant understanding of each other even if the eye contact lasts only for seconds.


2. You will feel that they are soul-centric, not ego-centric

They are not interested in money, luxury, fame or glory. They are looking for spiritual and emotional values.

Often these people from your “soul family” are interested in minimalism, meditation, yoga, healthy eating and the environment.

3. You feel a strong pull towards them

You will be drawn almost magnetically to their energy. They will appear in your life from time to time, even if you don’t keep up with them.

4. You speak a common language

When you are with your soul family, you share your values and thoughts and have the same perspective on life. You are in the same place in your life emotionally and understand the other one completely.

5. You feel like you have known them your whole life

You just feel comfortable and safe. You believe that you can tell them everything and they understand and know you in and out. It can be quite a strange feeling when you have just met them, but you just can’t help but open yourself up to them.

6. They give you energy

They make you feel happy and confident all the time. Because of your similar energy levels, the vibes bounce off of each other, and you get a lot of strength and power from them. Your “soul family” will never bring you down.

how to find your soul family?

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7. They are there for you when you need guidance

As mentioned above, your “soul family” is here to support and guide you. They will always turn up when you need some advice the most. You just need to understand their teachings and everything will turn out right.

8. You lose track of time with them

Conversations that are hours long can feel like minutes. You just feel so connected and your true self, that you forget about the time and space around you.

9. They reflect only your good qualities

Your soul group will challenge you and make you grow as a person, but they will only make you be your best self. They will support you and help you get over difficult challenges by staying true to yourself.

10. Your experiences are similar

The reason why you feel so connected to your “soul family,” is that they share the same struggles and challenges as you. But always remember, the bad stuff is there to teach us and make us stronger, wiser, better.

finding your soul family

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11. Your soul feels at peace around them

Some people only bring negativity and a dark feeling to your heart, but your “soul family” always makes you feel light, happy and at ease. You feel loved, cared, uplifted and happy around them.

12. You can show your true colors

Your “soul family” knows you, the most authentic real version of you. So around them, you don’t need to act like you are somebody else or hide some part of you. That feeling can be very satisfying and free to be your true self without any judgment.

These people are relatively rare in your life. They do not come as a group, but rather alone. If you think you have someone in your life, who meets these points, then hold on to them tightly and never let them go.

Be open-minded and loving, and there is a good chance, that someone from your “soul family” feels your energy and are drawn to you.

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