12 Signs That Prove You Are Walking The Highest Path of Your Purpose

We all make little decisions every day that one way or the other way affect our paths. The choices we make and the people we interact with change the course of our lives every day. Some decisions make our life easier and some, of course, bring harder times to our way.

Some paths are chosen consciously, but others just come to our life without us even noticing them. Some paths may be more suitable for us than others, but there is no wrong way. Everything we experience and go through makes us stronger and wiser in the end. So even if you are going through the toughest times, think that this experience is useful later in life.

All the paths lead to the highest path in the end. This is the road that is designed to be on in our life and destiny has a way of leading us back to it in the end. There are some ways to know if you are traveling on your highest path at the moment.

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Find out if these 12 signs apply to your life and if you are moving at your highest path right now:

1. You Just Know

You cannot describe it with words, but you feel it in your bones. The universe is telling you that you are doing what you are supposed to do and living the life you are designed to live. That is a great feeling, and your mind and body are in the balance. You feel like you have a purpose in life and that you matter.

2. You Are Always Learning

The highest path does not mean that life will be easy from now on. It implies that the universe will send you difficulties and challenges for you to handle. But it never puts you through something you are too weak to handle, so trust the world and remember, what does not kill you makes you stronger.

3. You Are Better Equipped to Handle Challenges in Life

Being on the highest path in life means that you know where your focus is. You can always look at the bigger picture and understand what is important. This also means not getting upset over little things, because you know what matters.

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4. You Begin to Acknowledge Your Power

When you are connected with the universe at the highest level, you will start to realize your strength. You learn that you have the authority to choose what you want in life and decide about your happiness.

5. You Are Filled with Gratitude

As you are connected with yourself and in harmony with your body and mind, you will start to see the beauty in everything around you. This means noticing flowers in the park, smiling at strangers and sending out positive vibes.

6. You Experience Heightened Consciousness

You are open to growing and learning. This will make you a better person, who will make smarter decisions in the future. This also gives you higher levels of consciousness.

Image Courtesy: LifeHack (www.lifehack.org)

7. You Witness Miracles

Being connected with the universe allows you to see miracles. These things that you thought were just coincidences before, you now know are miracles. You will start to notice and appreciate the little things the universe is sending you.

8. You Embrace Your True Self

Being on your highest path allows you to be your real self. You no longer need to act different or care what others think about you. You learn to love yourself just the way you are, and if others do not accept it, it is their problem.

9. You Shed Guilt and Shame

The highest path will bring positive emotions and good vibes in your life. This means that guilt and shame are left in the past. You will no longer regret your actions because you know that everything has its reasons and you should not feel bad about something you once wanted.

Image Courtesy: Anna Sayce (www.annasayce.com)

10. You Meet Soul Mates and Twin Flames

The soul mates and twin flames you meet, come to your life for a reason. They are sent by the universe to teach you something or help you get through some challenges. Sometimes it is important to let go of your old friends when you grow apart and make room for new people in your life.

11. You Refuse to Make Compromises with Yourself

The highest path allows you to love yourself just the way you are. This also means respecting yourself and your decisions. You will not accept anything nor anyone that is not nice to you. You will stand up for yourself and demand fairness.

12. You Believe in Something Bigger

Your highest path opens your eyes to something bigger. Even if you once were cynical, you will start to believe in magic and something greater. You are more aware of your existence, and you know that you have a bigger purpose in life.

Being on the highest path is a wonderful feeling. You will feel light, happy and carefree. It is important to acknowledge the feeling and hold your focus because it is easy to fall off that path. The most important thing is to have an open mind and never stop learning and growing as a person.

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