13 Best Practices How to Get A Flat Belly [Secret Menu Included]

Let’s face it, no matter how old we get, we all would love to have a flat stomach! So, with research suggesting that deep down inside every woman wants a flat belly, we decided to focus on the very basics! These are not exercises, but they are just practices that you must do to fulfill your dream. Some best practices how to get a flat belly.

1. Talk & Walk

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Often our plans revolve around ‘grabbing lunch or dinner’ or ‘a new restaurant in town’! You go in and meet your old girlfriends, talk about updates, eat food (nothing healthy of course), have wine, chat more about marriage and plan another similar outing for next week.

Well, well, you just told yourself, ‘Wow! That’s so me!’. It is.

But we have an idea. You know that track near your house that you always think about going to or that gym downstairs that you pass by and say, ‘Monday’? This is the time. Have your reunion at a running track or a gym.

Research shows that people work 104% harder when they have a workout buddy with them.

Many factors count, but it is the results that matter. So, the next time you meet up with your girlfriends, meet at the gym or a trail and after that, instead of eating steaks or Italian pasta at the nearby deli, share your detox water recipe with her and have her try it too.

Living healthy has proven for centuries to be the key to your success in career, relationships, and long life! Fact.

2. Cardio Daily

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Running out of girlfriends? We found you one. Her name is Cardio.

Cardio exercises are there because our bodies are made to move. Unfortunately, after a tiring day at work or keeping a family, one does not always get time to do what they want. As a result of this, cardio is a must.

Before moving onto the benefits of cardio for weight loss, it must also be noted that cardio is essential to reduce the stress you take all day long! Putting your mind to cardio is unnaturally important for you to understand that there is a lot more to shed than just weight. 

When we walk, we often feel our muscles toughen, or when we lift weights that strengthen our arms but exercises like crossovers, high knees, mountain climber or burpees do not just happen themselves. Of course not. These are some of the most effective exercises for your belly and do not remain a dreamer for life. Nothing is impossible!

3. Fiber, Fiber, My Old Friend – I’ve Come To Eat You Again!

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Sometimes we may not even know what fiber is found in, worst of all; we wouldn’t even know how amazingly good it is for you and all that belly fat you have been complaining about.

Research has shown that a daily intake of 10 grams of fiber, fights 4.0% of fat over a span of five years. Now most websites do not mention five years, but every drop makes an ocean, does it not? The improvement is apparent every day. Fiber is found in a lot of foods, but you might still feel that it is not tasty enough or you just might not want to have it that often because it’s not fatty enough. 

Fiber is found in oranges, so buy lots of them. It is also commonly found in sweet potatoes (that means you should not only have them on Thanksgiving) and black beans.

Now you know how close you were to fibers? Do not feel guilty, start today!

4. Self-Control – Say No!

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No, I cannot betray myself nor my willpower.

Say this to yourself every time you are sad, and the only thing that can help you is a huge bowl of a chocolate fudge cake. Well, the number one reason for body fat to keep piling up is that you do not say no. Instead, you persist on eating one thing after the other, even when you know you should not have.

Well, these things matter little by little and especially because you do not have enough exercise that you are getting. Self-control is the toughest of all areas of suffering. Be it with quitting cigarette smoking, drinking or overeating, the thought of saying no is cruel. However, that is only in daily life. You will be wrong to say no if you are hurting yourself, but this is to say no for good.

5. Office Meals – Live on Salads

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‘Hey let’s grab lunch,’ she said. ‘Let’s go to a place that has a salad bar!’, YOU SAID.

Keep your lunches light. Although gaining fat is not the only concern with having heavy lunches, it is also a major issue that after having a heavy meal for lunch you will be sitting at your office desk for at least the next 3 to 4 hours.

This also means that you will not be able to burn off anything and by the time you decide to do so the next day (since you will be exhausted after work).

6. Eat Something at 3

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After you have had your light lunch around noon, make sure to keep a light snack with you that you would have around 3 pm. Why?

At this time, research states that the human metabolism boosts between 3 pm to 4 pm in the afternoon and balances sugar. Also, another reason it is suggested to have a light snack around 3 pm after a light lunch around noon is that when you eat in portions, your body is destined to gain less weight.

This ideology is best explained through the examples of being a caveman. During the times when there, of course, were no local burger joints or pizza parlors around, cavemen would hunt for their meals, and once they would, they would eat till they drop because they would never know when they would get to eat next. This, of course, meant that they were eating fewer times but eating more than they could take. As a result, it all gather in them as fat!

Lets not be cave people.

7. Bye, Bye Mr. Sugary Pie!

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Make zero sugar your favorite way to go. When you do not take sugar or consume it madly to be precise, the level of insulin remains low. Common sense, right? But this is not only it. When your insulin level is low, Glucagon is on a high.

Glucagon is a hormone that fights fats and the higher the glucagon level in your body and the lower the insulin, the lesser the belly fat. It is very simple!

8. Seafood

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Nothing will happen to you if you do not eat all that bacon. Seafood is known to have high levels of monounsaturated fats that allow your body to fight belly fats and prevents from further accumulation in bellies and keeps you slim.

Studies have shown that people who consume seafood are a lot more toned and thinner. Now you just pictured that girl from China in your office, wondering why? Well, yes, this is why. From best practices how to get a flat belly.

9. Be The Dad – Play Catch

Image Courtesy: Roo Kids App (www.rookidsapp.com)

Sometimes we never have the time to hit the gym or the local yoga center even if we have to. We may not even be able to take the time out to do a bit of cardio (mentioned above), but there is still a few things you can do.

All moms are the best at multi-tasking.

Play catch with your child instead or go out biking on the trail with your kids. Yes, it will also allow you to spend some time with your kids and will allow your body to remain active. This activity can be used as an alternative to cardio and keep your body well and active.

10. Water Flushes Bloat

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Having the essentials of life, water helps as the biggest factor in flushing out bloat from your body. It allows your body to remain active and clean up all the bloat that is present in the system. This also removes the unnecessary and all the damaging toxins from your body.

The reasons behind water being the best method of removing bloat are that when your body is not active regarding intake, the body will cling onto whatever it has, and at the moment it just has steak. So, it is important to keep the body actively working for it to not live on bloat.

11. Green Tea

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Green tea is the best antioxidants that we can find today. Along with holding a lot of bioactive compounds that help you produce health, green tea also has shown in studies the increase by 17% of fat oxidation suggesting the burning of fat. Form best practices how to get a flat belly.

These are facts.

12. No Chewing Gum – No Bloat

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This is a very common problem, but you love chewing gum. What if the guy you like comes across you, you, of course, would want a make a good impression or you are in a job interview. Well, it is important for you to understand that all the bloat that you feel is mainly happening because of chewing gum. From best practices how to get a flat belly.

At the time of chewing gum, most of what you are swallowing is just air. When you inhale all this air, it converts into gas that settles in your stomach giving you a bloat! Think about it.

13. Avoid Low Fat Foods

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This does sound strange and weird, does it not? Well, yes it is true. Research suggests that when companies sell low-fat foods, they are removing most of the flavor from the food. At the same time, you will consume 30% more food because you are thinking, ‘Hey, it is low fat. I can eat as much as I want!”.

Companies then add sugars to balance out the taste, and for the 30% extra you have eaten, you have had 30% more sugar. All about from the best practices how to get a flat belly.

Secret Flat Belly Menu

Breakfast – Pick out your favorite whole wheat bread, spread natural peanut butter over it and have a cup of berries with it, of your choice.

Lunch – Spinach salad with sliced avocado, grilled firm tofu, and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Dinner – Grilled salmon, a roasted sweet potato, and sautéed asparagus with olive oil and garlic.

3 PM Snack – A cup of fat-free yogurt with 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds.

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