13 Signs That Prove You Are With An Absolute Gentleman

Unfortunately, having manners and behaving nicely is not that popular among young men anymore. There was a time when chivalry was in style and gentlemen were respected the most.

Nowadays, most young men seem to be rude, impatient and arrogant. The idea of being gentlemen is going to extinct soon if we do not start to appreciate the guys, who treat us nicely. It is important to make the others understand that it is not okay to mistreat a girl.

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Here are 13 signs to identify a real gentleman:

1. He Is Honest

A gentleman always tells the truth. He does not scheme nor plays games, but he is honest about his intentions. A gentleman takes responsibility for his actions, even if he is not proud of them. One can always trust a gentleman.

2. He Waits For Everyone Before He Eats

This means that he does not pick up a fork before all the party is together at the table and everyone has been served food. This shows that a true gentleman is considerate, emphatic and patient.

3. He Is Not Okay With Bullies

Being a bully and seeing someone bully someone else and not doing anything about it are the same things. A true gentleman always stops bullies and confronts them. He is brave and willing to risk his safety for the sake of others.

4. He Does Not Brag About His Sex Life

A gentleman knows when to keep his mouth shut and making love with your girlfriend or wife is precisely one of those private things, you should not speak about to your friends. Having sex is a very intimate and personal thing that one should only share with their partner, not everyone they know. Being quiet about this stuff shows respect for the partner and himself.

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5. He Keeps His Promises

You can always count on a gentleman because he keeps his word. This quality shows respect and mature way of acting. If you are dealing with a guy you can never make plans with and who often turns you down, he is not a gentleman.

6. He Pays Attention

He respects you enough to listen to you. There is a big difference between listening and just hearing. When he truly looks and pays attention to you, he is a gentleman. But when he is on the phone or does something else the whole time and does not bother to pay attention to you, then you deserve better.

7. He Is Kind

A gentleman does not let his ego get in the way. Even when someone is rude or offensive, he does not lose his temper. Being kind to everyone and taking the high road is always more difficult, but a more mature thing to do. He does not need to prove anything to anyone, and that’s why he never gets himself in fights.

8. He Cares For Your Safety

Little gestures show this. For example, if you are walking together on a sidewalk, he always walks next to the cars and puts you on the safe side of the road. This means that he is trying to protect you. Or if you go somewhere in the evening he always tells you to text or calls when you get home safely. This also shows his protective personality.

9. He Is Never Late

Being on time shows respect. It does not matter if it is an important meeting or a casual chill when you promise to be there at a particular time, then be there at this exact moment. A gentleman does not want to make others wait around for him.

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10. He Offers You His Seat, Jacket, Arm, etc.

He notices when you are cold or tired and wants to make you feel better. A gentleman puts your comfort and well-being before his own.

11. He Offers To Pay

In a restaurant, he reaches for the check. He likes treating you well and paying for you. Of course, if you insist on splitting the check, he is okay with that as well, but a gentleman always offers to pay first.

12. He Holds The Door For You

He notices those little things and treats you like a princess. He is patient and attentive and has good manners. We need to thank the gentleman’s parents for that!

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13. He Says “Please” and “Thank You.”

As mentioned above, he is kind to everyone. When he is in a grocery store, he does not forget to greet the salesman and say “thank you” to him. Or when you bring him something unexpected, he always makes sure you know that he appreciates it much. A gentleman does not take anything for granted and is grateful for everything he has and gets.

So think about the person you are with. Do these 13 points go about him? Is he making you feel like a princess every day? If not then you should teach him how to be a gentleman. If he is not interested in changing himself, find a real prince, who will love and treasure you in the right way!

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