13 Signs You’re A Strong Independent Woman Who Does Not Mess Around

Signs You're A Strong Independent Woman Who Does Not Mess Around

In a world where toy aisles for girls are filled with fake vacuum cleaners, Barbies, and Kens, it is essential to acknowledge the strong, independent women who are crucial role models for our young girls.

A strong, independent woman does not mess around. 

They are integral contributors to our society, and we need more of these souls that are reliable, motivated and are not afraid to tell us like it is. If you are one of these exceptional ladies, we want to hear you roar!

We also want you to know that you are a positive influence and an essential commodity to our future.

Here are 13 signs you are a strong, independent woman:

1. You Speak Your Mind

Let’s face it; you are direct.

If you have an opinion, you will no doubt share it, and you are always relied on for your honesty. This bluntness can take some people off guard, but that’s okay because you don’t have the time to beat around the bush. Plus, your opinions and advice are always perceived as genuine.

2. You Believe in Yourself 

There is no doubt that you possess a high self-confidence, but you do so in a way that is not condescending or demeaning towards others. You just know what you want and are very self-assured.

You have no problem walking into a board meeting and holding your head up high. Your belief in your ultimate success leads you to many significant accomplishments.

3. You Are Okay With Being Alone 

Although you enjoy other people’s company, you also value your alone time. You also are fully capable of functioning without being in a relationship. You view isolation as an opportunity to self-reflect, catch up and breathe. Sometimes your friends and family are taken off guard by your need to retreat, but you know when an introspective weekend alone at the lake is a necessity.

4. You Set Goals and Achieve Them

Motivation has never been one of your issues.

It’s always been quite simple: you set a goal and complete it, no questions asked. You also become obsessed with a current project. If you begin a task, there is no chance it will not be completed.

This is a quality skill that your workplace values.

5. You Refuse to Give Up 

In addition to your motivation is your incredible dedication. Even when the odds are stacked against you, you refuse to give up. You are known for your constant ability to move forward. Also in the darkest of situations, you will find a way to thrive and overcome these obstacles. You prefer a challenge and get easily bored without a task at hand.

6. You Take Care of Yourself

Despite all these energy-consuming facets, you still understand the importance of taking care of yourself: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In other words, you find the time to shower, read, and meditate. You know when you need a break and have no problem voicing your need to take one.

7. You Have A Strong Support Network

Because of your high expectations and various responsibilities, you know when to ask for help. You recognize that to maintain your independence and strength, you need others, and because of this, you are surrounded by very supportive family and friends.

8. You Are A Natural Born Leader

It’s evident that people are drawn to you and value your opinions.

These attributes make for a successful leader. Many times you are put into leadership positions even when you don’t ask for them. These situations seem to fall into your lap, whether desired or not.

9. You Are Reliable

Your insatiable work ethic and trustworthiness make you one reliable woman. You have proven that you can be counted on, regardless of the situation.

When friends are in trouble, they turn to you for assistance. When there is a stressful project at work, you are expected to make it happen.

You rarely let others down.

10. You Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Even though you are a tremendous fan of details, you know how to differentiate the necessary ones from the unimportant ones. It’s important to you that the small obstacles in life do not get you down.

You know when to ignore an unintentional insult, and you make sure not to get bogged down by the drama of others.

This plays a crucial role in your ability to get shit done.

11. You Learn From Your Mistakes and Move On

All of this is not to say you are not without your faults.

You respond to criticism well. When you make a mistake, you use it as an opportunity to learn and make sure that it does not happen again.

Overall, you do not dwell on these mistakes but acknowledge them, and then quickly move on with business.

12. You Don’t Like to Waste Time

You have a lot of obligations, and you enjoy being busy, because of this, you get easily annoyed when people waste your time. During a conversation, you have little patience with long-winded stories and prefer whomever you’re speaking with to get to the point.

You also do not understand the concept of procrastination. If something needs to be done, you do it and do not tolerate laziness.

13. You Are A Positive Role Model

People are attracted to your honesty, work ethic, and resilience. These characteristics make you an ideal role model. Your keen observations and directness also provide therapeutic sessions to friends and family, and any crowd envies your problem-solving skills.

In addition to all of the above, your strength and independence are, without question, admired.

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