13 Telling Signs That Prove You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

Not everyone is blessed to become a spiritual healer. Those who do become healers are usually lauded by the people. The gift of spiritual healing is said to be passed on from one generation to another.

This is not surprising because the DNA that we have will also depend on the contribution of our ancestors. The gift of spiritual healing may be passed as well but the strength of healing may vary depending on how strong the gift of healing is.

There are times however when your gift of spiritual healing does not come from your ancestors. Perhaps you have experienced an event in your life that truly changed you. It may be in a form of an activity or some habits that are hard to break.

If you become a healer, there are some signs that will let you know that you have the ability to heal. The key is just to know what these signs are so you will become aware of the things you should do.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to go to another medium or to see a psychic just to confirm that you are a spiritual healer. Simply look at the things that you have done in your life so far and your eyes will be opened.

Signs You are a Spiritual Healer

Here are the signs that will confirm that you are a spiritual healer. Of course, if you can only relate to 1 or 2 of these signs, then it might just be a coincidence but if you keep saying yes for every thing that will be written below, then there is a big chance that you are a spiritual healer.

1. You normally feel other people’s feelings like hurt and pain because you are a highly empathic person.

2. People normally feel at ease when they are around you especially if they are feeling down.

3. The people around you do not usually become ill.

4. You have been diagnosed with panic disorders or having anxiety.

5. You have been diagnosed with having a mood disorder.

6. You try to look at the lives of other people and you try to analyze and find ways so that their lives can be improved.

7. You will always help other people even if you do not have enough money anymore or resources to give people what they need.

8. You have chosen to be in the field of medical healing but this time, you are in the traditional stage.

9. There are some people in your family who are also known to be healers. By healers, this does not only mean in the spiritual sense but also in the traditional sense. They may be doctors, veterinarians, physical therapists etc.

10. You normally sense people’s nervousness when you are out in a public place. As a result, your breathing may become labored and you may become anxious.

11. When you walk into a room, you can sense if it is thick with tension.

12. Whenever people have issues that they need to resolve, you are the person that they run to and you cannot help but be there for them when they need you even if they do not do the same for you.

13. You sometimes feel the need to fix other people’s problems.

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