15 Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Every time I page through a fashion magazine I find myself wondering how celebrities stay so thin and how they are able to keep up appearances the way they do. I decided to take a look at some crazy weight loss celebrity secrets revealed online. It is crazy to look at the extremes some of these women will go to just to stay in shape. I don’t think I would be able to survive on some of these diets and would probably be midnight snacking in no time. Whatever they choose to do to lose the weight seems to work if you look at the hot bodies and see celebrity weight loss secrets revealed.

Sophie Loren’s crazy weight loss celebrity secrets fast weight loss

This elegant lady loves her pasta. She is Italian so it is only natural. Her celebrity weight loss diet includes pasta but not a lot, she gets her carbohydrate fix with a balled up fist size portion of pasta. It’s her weight loss celebrity secrets.

Model Marisa Miller’s celebrity weight loss secrets revealed

Marissa believes that by displaying her body at all times makes her more aware of what she eats. This is not in theory a celebrity weight loss diet but in fact more a practice of self awareness. It’s Marissa’s weight loss celebrity secret.

Liv Tyler’s weight loss celebrity secrets fast weight loss

Liv has a very strange belief on her weight loss celebrity secret that if you run the water cold after finishing your shower it will make you skinnier. By far the weirdest of all celebrity weight loss secrets revealed.

Kim Kardashian’s plan excludes a weight loss celebrity secret diet

After giving birth Kim decided for her weight loss celebrity secret to wear a corset at all times and believes that this helped to avoid any fad celebrity weight loss diets.

Beyonce’s successful celebrity weight loss diet

This voluptuous beauty lost a lot of weight by means of one of the most copied celebrity weight loss secrets revealed ,Cayenne Pepper and lemon juice are in the weight loss celebrity secrets of  Beyonce.

Carine Roitfield’s celebrity weight loss secrets revealed

Carine believes in green tea and sips it all day; it is the main part of her celebrity weight loss secrets. It does make sense as green tea is great for detoxifying and has elements of weight loss celebrity secrets present.

Brooklyn Decker’s celebrity weight loss secrets

Brooklyn states that Taylor Swift’s music gets her exercising again and puts her on the path to successful weight loss. Another one of the strangest celebrity weight loss secrets revealed.

Elle Macpherson’s celebrity weight loss diet

The body as she is known only eats alkaline foods like broccoli and grains. Looking at her body though, this celebrity weight loss diet might be one worth following.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s celebrity weight loss secrets

Gwyneth believes in celebrity weight loss secrets that include elimination. She gets herself back into shape by cutting out a mammoth heap of foods she believes are bad for her.

Halle Berry’s celebrity weight loss secrets revealed

This gorgeous lady believes in good old fashioned caffeine and lots of it. Coffee has formed part of her celebrity weight loss diet for a very long time.

Heidi Klum’s celebrity weight loss diet

Heidi religiously takes one spoonful of ACV daily for her weight loss celebrity secret and believes that this detoxifying
formula adds great value to her celebrity weight loss diet.

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s celebrity weight loss secrets

This famous mother makes time during mothering by doing squats and various other exercises around the nursery. We have to give it to this lady; these are crafty celebrity weight loss secrets.

Josephine Skriver’s weight loss celebrity secrets revealed

Josephine believes in a mug full of hot water every morning before she starts her day it’s her weight loss celebrity secret, with her fantastic body this might just be one of the celebrity weight loss secrets worth trying.

Jennifer Aniston’s weight loss celebrity secrets

Jennifer went on a celebrity weight loss diet consisting of only baby food. She swears by it and stated that this crazy method got rid of her baby bump for weight loss celebrity secret.

Anne Hathaway’s weight loss celebrity secrets

Anne had to lose a lot of weight for her role in Les Miserables. This caused her to take on the most extreme celebrity weight loss diet ever. She only ate two thin slices of oatmeal paste. Needless to say she lost the necessary weight. I am getting hungry just thinking about her weight loss celebrity secrets.

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