15 Mens Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

The 15 most common mens fashion mistakes are here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a guy and being keen on fashion but be aware that there are some horrible mistakes that men make with their fashion choices.  These mistakes have the capability to ruin the image you were going for and will not compliment that brand new haircut you just got. Try not to make one of the 15 men’s fashion mistakes mentioned in this article to avoid any negative reaction from the fashion gurus and to get your red carpet moment at work, home or anywhere.

1. One of the biggest men’s fashion mistakes is a tie with a short sleeved shirt

mens fashion mistake

Ties should be worn with long sleeved shirts, a professional look but if you are wearing a short sleeved shirt don’t wear a tie. Unless you work in a situation where your sleeves get dirty and you have to wear a tie it is one of the biggest fashion mistakes men make.

2. Clean your shoes to avoid one of the biggest fashion mistakes men make

mens fashion mistake

Walking around with a pressed suit but with dirty shoes just ruins the entire image you are trying to pull off. Keep your shoes clean and don’t make male fashion mistakes.

3. Male fashion mistakes include pants that aren’t the right length

men's fashion mistake to avoid

There are many reasons why professional men have their pants tailored. It is so easy to commit one of the biggest fashion mistakes men make by wearing pants that are either too long or too short.

4. Wrong socks are one of the fashion mistakes men make

mens fashion mistakes wrong-socks

Pick suitable socks so that the attention isn’t on your socks but on your suit. What is below does count guys. Don’t make one of the worst male fashion mistakes.

5. Choosing the wrong tie length or design is one of the biggest fashion mistakes men make

mens fashion mistakes wrong-tie-length-or-design

There is nothing that sticks out like the wrong tie with any suit. Avoid the crazy ties to avoid making one of the worst male fashion mistakes.

6. Socks and sandals is probably the worst of all fashion mistakes men make

mens fashion mistake

This might be comfortable but has never looked good on anyone. Don’t commit the worst of mens fashion mistakes.

7. Cartoon clothing, a huge part of male fashion mistakes

cartoon-clothing is one of the mens fashion bloopers

It’s cut but let’s face it Disney characters should not be on anything but your boxer shorts. This is one of the most common fashion mistakes men make.

8. Get rid of one of the worst fashion mistakes men make, wrinkled clothing

wrinkled-clothing is another men's fashion mistake

IF your clothes are wrinkled it will make you look shabby, avoid one of the most common mens fashion mistakes by having your clothes pressed and ready to take on the day.

9. One of the biggest fashion mistakes men make is wearing too much cologne

fashion mistakes men make

Guys, you don’t need to empty an entire bottle of cologne in one day. Avoid smelling like a spice factory and also avoid committing one of the worst mens fashion mistakes make.

10. Too much jewelry is one of the most common men’s fashion mistakes

too-much-jewelry men fashion mistake

You don’t need to look like a Christmas tree with bulky chains and bracelets. Don’t get caught wearing more jewelry than the lady in your life. This is also one of the worst mens fashion mistakes.

11. Leave the comb-over to avoid one of the most embarrassing men’s fashion mistakes

Leave the comb-over

If you are losing your hair own up to it. Shave it all off, believe it or not a bald head is much sexier than a comb-over. This is probably one of the biggest mens fashion mistake to avoid.

12. One of the worst male fashion mistakes is tucking in your t-shirt


Guys, t-shirts are lose fitting and don’t need to be tucked into your jeans or sweatpants. This is a rather common one on the men’s fashion mistakes list.

13. One of the most obvious men’s fashion mistakes is a clipped cell phone


Don’t clip your cell phone to your belt. It was fantastic in the 80’s but is now considered as one of the biggest male fashion mistakes.

14. Dirty nails are a big part of fashion mistakes men make


Keep your nails clean guys, it is unhygienic and just looks bad with your new stylish look. Avoid the dirty mens fashion mistakes.

15. Keep the uni brow trimmed to avoid mens fashion mistakes


There is nothing wrong with a little grooming for guys, keep your eyebrows in check to avoid looking like one of the most obvious mens fashion mistake.

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