17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

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Christina Sell

Christina Sell - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Live The Light of Yoga (

Christina Sell is an active Yoga instructor who has a massive shelf of courses and training sessions to offer you. Her yoga tutorials, classes, and courses are primarily focused towards serious yoga trainees with the philosophy of building an intelligent learning community. Christina Sell’s courses are well designed for all yoga trainees to get the best out of the basics.

Christina Sell has been teaching since 1998 with a dynamic teaching methodology that trainees love!

Along with being an MA in Integrative Education, Christina Sell is the author of Yoga From the Inside Out: Making Peace with Your Body Through Mind and My Body Is A Temple: Yoga As A Path to Wholeness.

Check out Christina’s website called Live The Light of Yoga or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Patricia Joy Becker

Patricia Joy Becker - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Patricia Joy Becker (

Patricia is a true inspiration, not just for us but many whose hearts and minds she has touched during her journey. As she describes it in her blogs, she broke out of a very foodie lifestyle, enjoying steaks, eggs, drinking, and smoking.

The life-changing experience for Patricia was a book that her mother gave called You Are All Sanpaku and that struck Patricia’s belief in macrobiotics. Coming out of the difficult times of several dermatologist visits, as her face was captured by pimples, Patricia lost faith in medicine and pursued her to deep dive into the world of organic food.

Patricia started the practice and replaced everything she had in her kitchen and moved on to using macrobiotics and yoga as her therapy to wellness and health. Today Patricia has had thousands of hours of training, traveled the world and taught hundreds of students and clients.

Patricia owns Your Health and Joy and has some tremendous amount of knowledge to share on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile!

Livia Cohen-Shapiro

Livia Cohen Shapiro - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Jessica Christie (

Honest and brutally truthful, Livia Cohen – Shapiro is another inspiring yogi that we all must learn from. Her website name, Ecstatic Unfoldment, revolves much around her philosophy of all creatures meant to expand and grow beyond belief without boundaries. Livia poses great emphasis upon the bridge between yoga and psychology as re-inspired ideas ancient yogic wisdom.

Her teaching philosophy is thoughtful, clear, direct and witty! Within her, you will find your mentor and your favorite yoga instructor!

Livia owns Ecstatic Unfoldment or follow her on her exciting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor Yoga - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Maggie Taylor Yoga (

Teaching yoga for the past decade, Maggie has devoted half of her life to yoga. Maggie has brought all her experiences in Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga to the classes she teaches. At the time, Maggie continues to pursue her love for yoga as she is completing 500hr. advanced level certification in yoga.

Maggie’s teaching style is filled devotion and humor making sure that you enjoy your class with her. In 2007, Maggie lived in India where she dove deep into yogic discipline. Moving on, today, Maggie teaches at The Living Yoga Center, Reflect Yoga Therapy and Parkland College.

Maggie has some amazing thoughts to share on her blog and her Facebook page.

Stacey Rosenberg

Namastacey Yoga - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Namastacey (

Based out of San Francisco, Stacey is the owner of Namastacey where she defines her commitment as to provide people with a more vibrant life. Stacey’s classes will fill you up to stronger and flexible.

Stacey loves to share what transformed her life; yoga. Stacy has been a devoted practitioner since 1995, and in 2000, Stacey became a teacher as she continues to fall in love with the practice, the philosophy and the impact of yoga on her life.

Stacey runs therapeutic sessions, give out public classes, give specialized workshops and trains other teachers as well. Namastacey is derived from the salutation, Namaste that means “The divine spark of life in my heart acknowledges the divine spark of life in your heart” and is commonly used in India, Nepal and the yoga practice in the United States.

You can find and follow Stacey on Facebook and Twitter.

Julie Dohrman

Shakti Yoga - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Shakti Yoga NY (

Personal growth, spiritual connection, creative vigor, physical health and collective awareness is all that evolves through the philosophy of yoga and Julie firmly believes in it. Julie has been a yoga teacher for a long time, and it triggered further after the 9/11 attacks when she fully immersed into the practice as a life-changing experience.

Her courses, Wisdom of The Sages Immersions, Shakti yoga Align + Flow 200 and 300 Hour Training and The Teacher’s Lab Mentor Webinar are some of the most elaborate yoga courses you will find out there. With her experience, Julie had the opportunity to teach at the Yoga Festivals from Bali to Nantucket.

Julie runs the Shakti Yoga NY where you can find all her courses and training sessions along with some insightful material on her Facebook and Twitter profile.

Jacalyn Prete

Jackie Prete - Yoga 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Alberto Vezzani (

With tremendous knowledge and experience, it is Jacalyn Prete, who has been a yoga instructor since 1991. She started teaching in a small gym around New York City and slowly grew loyal students who fell in love with her philosophy. She has worked with some amazing teachers herself, one of them being John Friend in 1998. That year, Jacalyn grew further towards becoming an Anusara Certified Teacher.

Later, Jacalyn trained in New York, Japan, and Europe and continues to do so.

There is a lot more to know about Jacalyn that you can read on her website called Jackie Prete. Today Jacalyn is the Chairperson of the Certification Committee for the New Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. You will find some great knowledge that she shares on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Dina Crosta

Dina Crosta - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Dina Crosta Yoga (

Dina began her journey with yoga in 2001, and for four years she devoted herself to pursuing a path of self-growth and freedom. In 2005, Dina began preaching what she practiced, and now Dina gives public lessons, private sessions, retreats, teacher training and runs several mentoring programs.

Her style of teaching as described on her website, Yoga Dina, is straightforward, engaging and instructive. Dina is also an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500hrs and has a Certification through Anusara Yoga. Find out more about Dina on Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Kevin Lamb

Yoga Lamb - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Yoga Lamb (

Having started in 2000, Kevin Lamb has ever since been fascinated by the depth of yoga, completing his first Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2005. Kevin Lamb has trained under the instructions of David Newman, Shiva Das, and Dr. Ed Zadlo.

Kevin has extensively traveled all across the United States from Hawaii to NYC to preach as he practices. Kevin is passionate about the Anusara practice and first completed the study in 2009 under Zhenja LaRosa, Eric Stoneberg, and Dr. Douglas Brooks.

Although Kevin’s classes are challenging, they are also defined as light-hearted and creative to inspire people of all ages. From semi to private lessons, Kevin is interested in sharing the practice of yoga and knowledge. Kevin can easily be reached through his website, Yoga Lamb and has amazing material to share on his Facebook and Twitter page.

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Susanna Harwood Rubin 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Susanna Harwood Rubin (

Her classes follow intense sessions yet a very graceful experience. Susanna has been teaching since 2002 and is immensely inspired by Hindu myths. Susanna has traveled to the land of South India to further enhance her knowledge and study the traditions of Rajanaka Tantra.

Susanna is not unknown to the masses; she has been published in the Huffington Post and appeared on MSNBC Today and runs several training programs both off and online. Connect with Susanna on her website, Susanna Harwood Rubin and check out her inspirational work on Facebook and Twitter.

Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany Cruikshank - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Tiffany Cruikshank Yoga (

Founder of Yoga Medicine, Tiffany is one of the most famous and internationally renowned yoga instructors today. Yoga Medicine is an outlet for several hundred yoga instructors to enhance their teaching abilities and their style of work.

It is a community for teachers to understand the basic essence of spreading the knowledge of yoga and skillfully produce personalized prescriptions for students. Tiffany herself is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor who has been featured in ads for Nike, Lululemon, Liquido Active and has also been featured in Yoga Journal. These of course are the minor achievements of Tiffany, read all about her and her work on her website, Yoga Medicine.

Tiffany has very successful, and knowledge filled Facebook and Twitter pages as well for you to follow, like and share.

Jill Knouse

Jill Knouse Yoga - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Jill Knouse Yoga (

Jill has an inspirational story. She used to be an independent woman, a great job, a car, friends and family and pretty much on the face of it had it all covered, but at the end, there was something within her that was simply missing. As her bio on her website, Jill Knouse Yoga says, ‘It was not AT ALL aligned with my soul.’ 

There on after 13 years of working in the financial services industry, Jill quit her job, sold her convertible and from San Francisco, moved to Portland. Ever since Jill has not looked back. Graduating from a yoga teaching training in 2006, Jill connected with the deepest parts of herself within.

For Jill, things are much more connected now. You can tell by visiting her Facebook and YouTube pages.

Ariele Foster

Ariele - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Kristin Adair (

‘Ariele Foster. Dr. Ariele Foster’.

Yes, we said it right, Ariele is a doctor in physical therapy and a yoga instructor since 2001. Having completed more than 700 hours of teacher trainer, Ariele knows a lot! She leads several courses with Yoga Anatomy Academy and also gives private, small group and occasion based yoga lessons.

Having spent a tremendous amount of time with her beloved grandma and practicing yoga, that is when her need to pursue yoga began her passion.

Ariele can be found on Facebook and posts some really helpful material on Twitter too. Her website, Sacred Source Yoga is the best place to learn more about her, book appointments and gain knowledge.

Marie Belle Yoga

Marie Belle - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via Yoga with Marie Belle (

A certified Rocket Yoga Teacher and an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Marie has traveled the world and the villages of South India, mountains of Indonesia and the seas of the Caribbean to experience the greatest essence of yoga and embrace it as a passion within.

She had the honor to participate in Sri Dharma Mittra’s Life of a Yogi 500 Hr Teacher Training. Marie is also a Ph.D. in Social-Emotional Development and Women Studies that reflects in her teaching. Athleticism, strength, and balance are the key standpoints during her classes, and the challenge is worth fighting.

Learn more about Marie on her website, Marie Belle Pr while she also shares some amazing knowledge and material on Facebook and Instagram.

Claudia Paredes

Claudia Parades - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Clau Yogi (

Her firsthand experience with Yoga was when she was 18, but after only a year of practice, she had to move to the USA for a Business School. For ten years, Claudia pursued her degrees staying disconnected with her passion. After those ten years, Claudia moved to Washington DC, and this is where connected deeply with what she had left behind yoga.

Reconnecting with yoga allowed Claudia to find balance and inner peace that she was longing for and soon signed up for a 200 Hr teacher training program. After teaching Vinyasa, Claudia went on ahead to teach Ashtanga. Claudia’s classes are known to be challenging, yet it is an extremely fun way to empower one’s mind.

You can find Claudia’s schedule and classes on her website, Clau Yogi or follow her on Facebook.

Yogi Rae

Yogi Rae - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via The Yogi Within: A Traveling Yoga Studio (

Coming out of the dark life, Yogi Rae, embraced the practice of yoga to find compassion and solitude. At the point, the key was to let go of the ego and the expectations in life and so she did. Under Swami Sarasvatyananda in Chicago to go on and become a certified and a registered yoga instructor.

Yogi Rae has an inspiring story for all the people starting or planning to start the practice of yoga and her blog on her website, Yoga Naperville, adds to the motivation. You can also find some wonderful tutorial videos by Yogi Rae on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

John Schumacher

John Schumacher - 17 Yoga Trainers and Experts You Must Follow Online Today

Image Courtesy: Facebook via John Schumacher Yoga (

Legend .. Wait for it .. day!

John Schumacher is the founder of Unity Woods, a yoga training platform that was established in 1979. The transformation from being a musician into one of the renowned names in the USA as a yogi came in 1975. That year John was introduced to B.K.S Iyengar for the first time through his book called, ‘Light on Yoga.’

Having begun the practice of yoga, John felt more controlled and sustained. In 1981, the author that inspired John had now become his teacher, and John learned under the guidance of B.K.S Iyengar that enhanced his knowledge to spread through his platform, Unity Woods.

Known for his clear and persistent style, John has ever since been teaching and spreading the knowledge of yoga. To learn more about John, his website, John Schumacher explains his journey and his classes and schedule could be found at his training center’s website, Unity Woods.

More so, you can learn a lot from the knowledge that John and his team spread via Facebook and Twitter.

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