These 23 Brutal Truths About Life That Make You a Much Better Person

brutal truths about life

You might find it difficult to hear when someone sits you down and finally tells you the brutal truths about life and this world. But if you want to live at your fullest and get the most of our life, you need to get to the heart of everything that you’re running away from and cut the crap out of your life so you can focus on what’s actually important.

Here are 23 brutal truths about life no one wants to hear that influence our lives without us realizing much.

1) Life goes On

Pain isn’t special, it’s a part of being alive. If everyone else was to stop and mourn along with you, this world would’ve ended way earlier. We should keep this in mind that pain and sufferings do not halt life, it goes on anyway.

2) Don’t Take Feelings for Granted

Heartbreaks can leave a person traumatized for life. Always look after others’ feelings and never do anything that would leave a person crying and thinking about what is wrong in them. Always be careful with your words.

3) Be Responsible

We ourselves control our thoughts, words and actions. If we end up doing something hurtful or wrong, we should immediately take responsibility of such actions and try to rectify them by apologizing.

4) Death is the end

We should stop worrying about death and about being remembered. When you’re dead, you’re gone. So live before your time is over so in the end you have no regrets.

5) Embrace Your Emotions

You should stop giving yourself a hard time and running from your fears, anxieties, and pains and accept that you are flawed and feel things you don’t want to feel.

6) Everyone can’t be your Friend

You can’t make everyone happy and you can’t rely on them either. Be your own friend first, then you will need no one else.

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7) Time is valuable, Not Money

Giving someone your time is worth more than spending cash on them. People who truly love you don’t weigh your wallet, they weigh your actions and the time you invest in them.

8) Never Actively Search for Happiness

Happiness does not have to be searched for. It comes with the simplest actions. So do things that give you immediate smiles instead of waiting for bigger bursts of laughter.

9) Money Doesn’t Bring You Happiness

When you aren’t happy on the inside, no amount of fortune can make you happy. Sometimes the poorest people are the happiest with the cheapest modes of happiness.

10) Everyone Around is Going to Die

Everyone has to go. Keep that in mind before you fight someone or have grudges against them. It might just be the last time you’re interacting with someone. Forgive and let go grudges.

11) Money Stays in This World Only

When you die, all those long nights you spent building a fortune, ignoring your health, loved ones, and life will be for nothing, because all that money will be left here on this planet.

12) Don’t Forget Who You Are

Don’t let yourself be defined by others around you. Always remember your values, passions and likes and dislikes. Never allow yourself to mold into someone you’re not. Be yourself know who you are.

13) Give Time to The Community

Without realizing, we receive many favors from the universe. By investing time in the community around us, we do as little as we can to repay the favors.

14) Embrace Gratitude

As tough as your day might be, there is always someone out there living something worse. Find things to be grateful about, whether it’s a lover, family, dear friend, a skill, a place to eat, or even food to eat. Never forget to be grateful.

15) Always be Humble

No matter how much life blesses you, never boast about it. Whether you have a mansion to live in, the latest cellphone, the fastest car or even the prettiest face, always remember it can all go away in less than a second.

16) Stop Dreaming; Begin Working

Dreams are natural, and that’s why so many people do. But there are very few who actually go out and try to accomplish their dreams. Stop sitting around waiting for everything you ever wanted to appear miraculously, and start working towards it instead.

17) Get over with the Pessimism

Let go of negativity and embrace the inevitability of life’s curve balls. The worst reaction you can have is assuming everything is on fire when in reality, it’s not. Stay calm and look at the brighter side. Things happen for a reason.

18) Investing in the Yourself should be the Priority

You live life from a single perspective: yourself. Once you are gone, your version of life goes along with you as well. So why not make the best version of yourself that you can be? Invest in yourself, both physically and spiritually.

19) Share Knowledge and Experience

Sharing is caring. Give others a chance to learn from you and enlighten them with your insights, lessons, and tips that you accumulated. Let others stand on your shoulders to reach heights you never could. Be a mentor and help people grow.

20) Now Or Never

Tomorrow never comes, today is the only time that matters. Stop procrastinating things and live life when you have the chance. You never know what tomorrow brings for you.

21) Perfection is Impossible

Everyone has their own unique version of what perfect is. Stop trying to dwell with standards. Looking for it is not only vain, but it makes you overlook the beauty of imperfection.

22) You Deserve Peace of Mind

Meditate and soothe yourself down. Do things that give you inner peace and calm. Let it be a vacation, a book or a hot bath, allow yourself to relax spiritually.

23) You are not a Joke

Never let anyone use you. Your respect is in your own hand. Walk away from those you feel are toxic for you or who give negative vibes. Create a line between determination and desperation and never stoop too low for someone’s attention.

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