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3 A**holes Women Fall For in Their Lifetime – And Her Message To Each of Them

We come across some of nicest men in the world till we realize that behind a mask there is more than just sweet words. These narcissistic, selfish and emotionally tormenting a**holes take away more than they would ever realize.

We all make mistakes in our youth – that time when we move for college, that crush in the Football team, those late night dates or the first time we lose our virginity. We know you don’t see it that way but all of these steps in life that we take, we push ourselves to come out of the shell but unfortunately, it is to only learn that the world is cruel and no one cares about how we really feel.

The day I realized that I don’t mean anything to you because you were too scared to commit, or the time I found you flirting with my best friend or that day, a woman picked up your phone at 3 in the morning, it all really hurt but now that the pain is gone, all I have to tell you is: “F**K YOU”.

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1. The Prince Charming

One of the first to make the list is a complete package. He is good looking, dresses to impress and says the only things you’d want to hear. He is highly knowledgeable and with a growing successful career, he strives to do the best he can in life – but remember, it is never for you.

Mr. Prince Charming, 

The time I met you, I know you were struggling, you weren’t born in that CK suit you wear today nor did you ever believe in yourself that much. When your friends were leaving you, I held you, stood by you and at the time your career was pressurizing you too much, remember I told you that you will make it?! 

You did and then you left me because it was now easier to sleep around, stay busy on business trips and you already had everything in the world. You were selfish and I thought to myself, ‘for the person I cared so much for, gave up on the one that helped him make it’.

You’ll meet plenty of girls who don’t know this about your life but please don’t ruin theirs because it helps you keep your self-esteem at a high. They are trying to find a life partner too and they will someday but their past must never haunt them because I know, you will never be their present forever, a**hole.

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2. The Manipulator

The man who makes you the most emotionally insecure and weak is the manipulator, who will never admit a mistake in life. Lying to them is like speaking the truth and they eventually master is so perfectly that it becomes a fluent habit. For anything that they do, it will always be the woman who will be at fault for being suspicious.

Mr. Manipulator, 

You used to tell me how I was the only one in your life and lied about how I will always be the only one. I bet you didn’t think about that when I walked into you cheating on me. When the story unfolded, I figured that you had been at it for 6 months behind my back while you always told me that ‘I was the one who was being suspicious and wrong.’

I did move on but it took me years to finally be able to trust someone again and in the process I did actually be suspicious because at the time I wasn’t, you kept telling me I was. You left me feeling insecure. For the time, you will do all this to another woman, think twice because one day you will have a beautiful little baby daughter too. 

Whether today, you admit that you are an a**hole or not, you must understand that Karma is a proven bitch.

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3. The Runaway

The guy who commits till the last moment before realizing he is too scared for anything. He almost proposed, he almost told you he loves you, he almost moved in with you or went with you on vacations but just wasn’t man enough.

Mr. Runaway,

We thought we were perfect, we had a good thing going and everything you did in the beginning, your actions were suggestive of a lot of expectations. I trusted you, lived for your happiness and just when I thought it was time now to hear you tell me that you love me, you left. You were scared. 

When a woman spends so much time with you for years, do not boil up their expectations and then runaway. Talk maybe? But don’t vanish. Because if you ran so easily from saying ‘I love you’, it is likely that you have the capacity of leaving someone at the altar. And remember, somethings are never forgiven. 

For the women reading this, life is exciting and these are all reasons. You will find your prince charming, who doesn’t manipulate or runaway. Life is unexpected and learn to respect yourself. These a**holes aren’t uncommon and you will come across many!



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