3 Boyfriends Most Likely to Be ‘Unfaithful’ in A Relationship, Based on Their Zodiac Signs

You don’t want to waste your time on people who are going to break your heart in an instant. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the zodiac signs most likely to be unfaithful to you in a long-term relationship.

Now, although, it’s impossible to guess whether a person is going to cheat on you, knowing a zodiac’s personality can alert us of all the red flags.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) 

Pisces are naturally drawn to where there is a crowd, so it’s not hard to gather why they often end up being unfaithful. They spend so much time meeting new people, that they’re in the company of someone new all the time.

They’re easily distracted from their partners in favor of something ‘new and shiny’ even if what they’ve already got is fantastic. Physical cheating is less familiar with a Pisces man, but they will often stray to emotional cheating, which can be even worse.

They don’t know their own heart or head, which makes them dangerous lovers.

Pisces men tend to clash most with Sagittarius’ and Geminis. Since Sagittarius’ are often free spirited too, it’s hard for a Pisces to lock down a relationship, particularly with their straying tendencies.

Although a Gemini is often sociable too, they are broodier than a Pisces, and will be very upset by an emotional or physical betrayal of any kind, and will so avoid a troublesome Pisces.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

A Sagittarius is a free bird, which is why it’s so difficult to tie them down. They don’t actively seek relationships because they just don’t want them.

They have a high sex drive, but that can be satisfied by multiple partners on multiple occasions. They often seek the excitement that comes with a one-night stand too, and they’d be bored by the idea of sticking to one partner.

Sagittarius men are very attractive with their outgoing personalities and fast-paced lives, so it’s not surprising that they break a lot of hearts. If you manage to land a Sagittarius man who is faithful, you must mean a lot to them.

However, if you’re dating casually, a Sagittarius man will usually give you an indication of whether he wants to commit or not. They are kind and generous people, but when it comes to love, they just can’t stand clinginess, especially if they’re young and used to being single.

As previously mentioned, a Sagittarius and a Pisces is a recipe for disaster in the dating world. Virgos should also avoid Sagittarius men due to their tender hearts and avoidance of conflict.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

It is said that Geminis are two-faced, and this also applies when it comes to love. They are in conflict with their personality so much that when they’re in a relationship, their heart flips from one extreme to the other.

Sometimes they can be serious about moving forward and sticking to one person, but when the party animal in them comes out, trouble tends to follow. They don’t tend to consider their partner’s emotions until the damage is already done.

They tell themselves they won’t cheat again, but they’re so unpredictable, that they can’t even keep themselves in check. When they can’t even trust their instincts, how can anybody else?

However, Geminis are very smart, and if they know what’s best for them, they will keep their impulses in check and keep their romantic actions close to home.

A Pisces will never suit a Gemini when it comes to a relationship, and Virgos tend to avoid Geminis for the sake of their own emotions.

However, a Libra may be able to inspire peace and tranquillity in a relationship with a Gemini.

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About the Author: Hayley Anderton is a Creative Writing graduate from Liverpool. She’s a freelance writer and the self-published novelist of the LGBT YA book, Double Bluff. She doesn’t go anywhere without a notepad and has been writing ever since she can remember. Her other interests include baking, talking about politics and feminism, and snuggling up with her cat. She has dreams of traveling the world with her best friends, and of being a well-known author someday.

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