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3 Types Of Narcissists We All Face in Our Lifetime And How To Handle Them

Narcissism is a term that’s thrown around a lot but are you aware what it really entails?

It’s someone who is fond of tearing down the lives of others.

A narcissist can hurt you blatantly or chisel away at your confidence without you realizing it.

The Different Types of Narcissists:

The Obvious One

The obvious, blatant actions are name calling, being rude, and overall cruelty. This is the easiest to detect, and we all learn not to tolerate bullies, so it’s very rare that anyone will let those things go unnoticed.

If someone is blatantly awful, just walk away. There aren’t any hidden games here, its simple, black and white. Unlike other scenarios this is pretty straight forward, there isn’t a hidden agenda here, they’re mean, so if you don’t want that in your life kick them out of your life.

The Passive Aggressive One

Another level of narcissism uses the passive aggressive method. It’s much more frustrating to deal with, and you will need more patience.

Passive aggressive narcissism is when the person acts like an angel around most people, but behind closed doors, they tear you apart. No matter who you tell it seems like no one will believe you. This is because the perpetrators are good at their game. I know it’s hard to let hate like this go unpunished or unrecognized, but honestly, that’s the best method. If you are walking in the hallway and they whisper something like “Ew you’re fat” so no one but you can hear it, and then you flip out at them, they will deny ever saying it and somehow make you look like a dramatic liar.

Though exposing their nature of the best revenge and could help a lot of other people from falling for their mind games, the odds of doing that are very minimal. Don’t stoop to their level, no matter how much proof you have they will always be able to twist things around in their favor.

Essentially until others experience it for themselves, it’s a pointless battle. So casually warn your friends and walk away calmly.

The Manipulative One

The last type of narcissism is more aggressive but even more undetectable. Backhanded compliments, snide remarks. Casual insults that seem invisible but tear down your self-esteem or others opinion of you. It’s almost on a subliminal level. The best way to detect is having a friend look out for you. Outsiders have a clear view of everything. Trust the people around you who you know have your best interests at heart. If you best friend who always has your back, points out something that you haven’t seen, listen to them and investigate.

I bet you can guess what the best course of action would be… Walking away. I know it’s hard to key something for once you realize you have been betrayed but fighting back may feel good at first it has a good chance of backfiring.  The Worst part of a narcissist is that they hide their cruelty so getting support is difficult, and they like to make their victims look like the crazy ones.

Keep an open mind about this, if someone warns you about someone check it out. You may not be their target; you could be the person they are super nice too. Either way, if you figure that out never trust a narcissist because you could always be their next target.

Walking away from a mean person seems easy if it’s someone not sewn into the fabric of your life, but sometimes they can be family members, and that is a lot harder to deal with.

It’s hard if someone hurts you but no one believes you with in your family. Relax, they just believe what they have seen, if you keep a cool head and stay away from that person they will eventually reveal themselves. Don’t give them anything to work off of. If they want gossip to be as boring around them as possible.

If you are into revenge the safest and best course of action is not letting them around you and living your best life. For them, the worst is them not being able to control you and your success will drive them crazy.

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