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If A Girl Asks Any of These 4 Questions on the First Date; Just Run

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The first date is the most defining day of your potential relationship. Many people look forward to this day and utilize it to get the most out of it. The first date always goes down with so many expectations depending on how the two involved interact. It usually means a lot to both parties in that it can grow into something more serious.

Many first dates usually consist of a bunch of questions because by asking it shows that you are interested in knowing them more. The questions asked on a first date normally come in a manner that will make the person being questioned to appreciate that someone wants to know something about them.

The first date is normally taken to be the same as an interview session because of the interest someone has on the other person, and the nature of the questions asked will lead to a decision being made.

Questions asked by a girl on a first date usually show how someone would want to know more about you. Girls are believed to be more curious, and that’s why at times they ask weird questions. Psychologists say that the main reasons why issues must be part of the first date are:

  1. To see if the two of you are compatible and can be together.
  2. To assess if there is any form of connection between the two of you.
  3. Girls like men with a high sense of humor.
  4. To see if there is honesty and trustworthiness.

Don’t mind the weird questions on a first date because that’s just natural. Some of them get curious, and that’s why they end up asking you the following odd and funny questions.

Here are 4 Unbelievably Weird Questions Girls Ask A Guy On A First Date:

1. What’s your preference between cats and dogs?

So how weird is this question? Just by the mere fact that she either likes dogs or cats she thinks that you want them too. What if you are allergic to either of the two pets? Maybe she would like to see you answer such a question and figure out whether there is some difference between the two of you regarding pet preference.

All in all this kind of problem remains weird because why couldn’t she ask you about other pets other than a cat and a dog. Guys you also have to know that quite some similar questions by a girl are usually based on assumption. She might even ask you such a question to see whether you are a caring kind of a guy.

2. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

For real, why should she ask you such a weird question? She could be driven by curiosity to ask such a question which will make way for more questions that will help her uncover your schedule.

Be careful when answering such a question during your first date because it might lead to more and more problems that may reduce the chance and possibility of a second date. Maybe she wants to know when you are more active.

3. Do you think this relationship will work out?

This question is weird in the sense of how on earth does she expect you to tell the fate of your first date. Does she expect a negative answer from you? The two of you agreed to go on a date and maybe none of you knows what’s next. This question is damn weird because none of you knows how things will unfold after the end of one date.

4. Am I beautiful enough?

This question should never cross your mind during your dating period just because it portrays how you lack confidence and don’t believe in yourself and you probably need to work on yourself. Please, ladies, look for other questions to ask your date rather than asking this weird one. You should concentrate on issues that will help the two of you discover if there can be some form of connection and compatibility between the two of you.

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