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5 Subtle Differences Between a Soul Mate and A Life Partner We Often Ignore

It is quite common to get the words “soul mate” and “life partner” mixed up. They seem similar, but actually, they have a whole different meaning.

Soul mates are the ones, who come to your life to teach you some valuable lessons. They are motivating you, teaching you and helping you grow in any way possible. Life partners, on the other hand, are the ones who join your journey and grow and learn with you. They are your equal partner, who experience the same things as you do. You can count on life partners in a long term.

Here are five big differences between a soul mate and a life partner:

1. Guiding vs. Support

Soul mates do not have to be necessarily your lovers; they can be your family members, friends, co-workers or just strangers you meet. They come into your life to guide you through life lessons, and when the teaching is done, they usually disappear from your life as fast as they came.

Life partners give you lifetime support. They share the same interests and help you get further in life, but they will always stand by your side and provide you with energy and good vibes. Life partners tend to stick around despite any challenges and obstacles.

2. Different Levels of Spiritual Connection

You will have a healthy relationship with your soul mate and life partner, but the relation to the soul mate will not most probably last long. It is common that the ego gets in the way and the relationship ends in heartbreak. But this is a valuable life lesson.

A connection with a life partner is more profound, more consistent one and lasts a lifetime. Usually, you share the same kind of emotions and experiences with your life partner, and that’s why you understand each other better as well. It feels like your souls are connected to each other.

3. Time-Framed or Timeless

You will experience an instant connection with your soul mate. You feel like you have known each other forever and share the same feelings. But the relationship can also be very chaotic, destructive and you will make each other unhappy in the end.

Life partners are more steady. They are empathic towards you and try to understand you at all levels. A relationship with a life partner is calmer and more relaxed, but you will have the safety and reliability that you would not have with a hectic soul mate.

4. Whimsical Emotions Vs. Spiritual Stability

Soul mates are connected to you beyond words. You share the same feelings, emotions, thoughts, and habits. They come to your life for a reason, and they make you feel a certain way.

Life partners want to share their values and wisdom with you. With them, you don’t only have an emotional connection, but you also have logical and intellectual stimulation as well. This makes it more lasting and more stable than a relationship with your soul mate.

5. Life Experiences of a Moment or Long Term

Love with a soul mate is a delight, but it can also be full of obstacles. Trying to make it last a lifetime is almost impossible and requires hard work.

Life partners come in your life to stay there. The connection gets stronger and deeper every day. Usually, these kind of relationships are healthy and lift you up. You will feel happy, safe and loved when you are with you right life partner.

Although there is a difference between a soul mate and a life partner, that does not mean that one cannot be another and vice versa. One person can fill two important positions in your life. If you have a choice, they always choose to be together with your life partner, because a relationship with them is calmer, stronger and makes you happier in the end.

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