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5 Meditation Techniques for Anxiety, Depression and Panic

It is great to practice meditation however what if you don’t have your controlled environment, your incense and your guided music at hand? If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, meditation techniques for anxiety or meditation for depression and anxiety could be a lifesaver for you in dire situations.

I used to suffer from panic attacks in large crowds and found a few meditation techniques for anxiety online. I have to admit that since using meditation for depression and meditation for anxiety I am able to handle stressful situations much better than before. I have also read that if you are one of the many people that suffer from depression you might want to consider using meditation for depression and anxiety as well. Here are a few quick and easy methods worth mentioning.

Concentrate on one thing to start your meditation for anxiety

If you find yourself in a panic-related situation and for that moment feel like you cannot breathe you might want to take a moment to quiet your mind. How do I do that on a bus filled with other passengers and too much noise? The answer is quite a simple.  The most fantastic form of meditation for anxiety is to focus on one single thing, for example a blemish on your hand, a button on your jacket or anything else.

Stare at that one feature and keep staring. It is as simple as that, if you feel an anxiety or panic attack coming on this will be the easiest way to switch off and think of nothing at all but that one particular thing you are staring at. Like various meditation techniques for anxiety  and meditation for depression and anxiety this will take your mind off the problem at hand and allow you to calm down.

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Find and repeat your word for meditation techniques for anxiety

Mantras are words or revelations that get repeated during a meditation process. This does not necessarily have to include ohms or anything intricate. By repeating a word that forms parts of your meditation process for example “calm” you will associate that word with your safe space.

When you eventually get in a situation that required emergency meditation techniques for anxiety, close your eyes and say your word, calmly and focused. Utter the word as many times as you need to feel calm again. For anger management a lot of people count to ten, this is almost the same method but takes care of meditation for anxiety and meditation for depression and anxiety as well.

Meditation for depression and anxiety means breathing

Step one of meditation for anxiety is breathing. Your breathing is incredibly important in the process of calming down. To reach that state of relaxation you need to count your breaths. In a state of panic the first thing that happens is your breathing becomes erratic, that’s natural. Not just for anxiety but meditation for depression include deep breathing. Stick to inhaling and exhaling as you would during any meditation practice. This meditation for anxiety is crucial and will help calm you down fairly quickly.

Feeling down in the dumps? Practice meditation for depression and anxiety

Very few people know that meditation for depression actually helps. Being able to clear your mind at a time when you are feeling down allows you to get rid of all those negative and dark thoughts and takes you to a serene and relaxing place. Meditation techniques for anxiety is good for the mind, body and soul.

Depression is a huge cause of stress and needs to be handled before anxiety and panic comes along. Practice your meditation techniques for anxiety and you will feel more light-hearted. Good rest, good food and relaxation help with depression.

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Tune out the bad thoughts, one of the best meditation techniques for anxiety

Music is a fantastic form of meditation for anxiety, everyone has a Smartphone today and there is nothing better than popping your headphones in and listening to your favorite tune. Sing along if you have to or just close your eyes and get lost in the music.

It is said that music calms the savage beast so turn the volume up and turn the drama down. In any situation closing your eyes and listening to music whether you sing along or not you will calm down and things won’t look as bleak anymore. Music meditation for depression is useful and will perk you up.

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