5 Myths About Meditation That Aren’t True

Myths About Meditation

Love to meditate but think it cannot fit in your busy schedule?You think you do not have enough resources to support your meditation journey?

Photo: Dean Hochman

Love to meditate but think it cannot fit it into your busy schedule?

You think you do not have enough resources to support your meditation journey?

Think there is a lot to do?

Think again!

Meditation is very simple and very humble way to connect your mind and body to nature and divinity. The following are some of the biggest reasons that hold people back, let’s see if yours is one.

There are 5 Myths About Meditation That Aren’t True.

Myth 1: Meditation is a religious practice

Though meditation emerged from religious traditions like yoga from Hinduism and Buddhism, meditation now has been secularized to a great extent. Yoga is more of art now, and many yoga gurus have detached it from religion yet kept the spiritual connection alive. Mindful meditation is another form of secular meditation. The first myth from the Myths About Meditation.

Myth 2: Meditation is difficult

Meditation is difficult when it is being practiced in a wrong way. Meditation is your own most natural form of living. No stress, no resistance, no forcing and nothing to do; this is the basic principle of meditation. Meditation means connecting to nature while disassociating yourself from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Simply relax, and you start meditation.

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Myth 3: Meditation is time-consuming

Since meditation has long been associated with spiritualism and monks and religion, people think you need to have a lot of time to gain any benefits from it. A short 20 minutes session is enough to make yourself relax and to put you on the journey of relaxation and wellness. If you need proof, here you are;

A study conducted at Carnegie Melon university concluded that short mindful meditation spells few times a week can be ‘impressively effective.’

Another study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania found that meditating for 12 minutes can improve your mood.

So, start with smaller sessions of a few minutes and then gradually build up your capacity and quality of meditation.

Myth 4: Too many formalities

Yoga mat, yoga dress, white walls, green plant, straight posture, ample time, no distraction and so on; never get caught in this long list of formalities. Meditation is natural, let it be. Meditation is supposed to comfortable so that you can sit on a cushion or in your car or your bed, just be comfortable. Try to integrate meditation into your daily life, and you will be able to welcome the energy and peace it creates.

Also, do not focus too much on if you are doing it right. This is the biggest distraction for beginners, stop these distractions and focus.

Myth 5: I need a teacher

You do not have to hire a guru or fly to India to learn meditation. A lot of material available in books, website literature and CDs may help you a lot. Do not restrict yourself with prerequisites that are difficult to adjust in your busy life. Start simple and master it. It’s all 5 Myths About Meditation.

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