5 Natural Tibetan Exercises That Make You Looking Younger And Energetic

Everyone knows that exercise should be a regular thing and you’ve probably tried to stick to a regimen, but your motivation wasn’t enough. We‘ve tried all different challenges and ‘workout goals,’ but none of them fit our needs.

Well, exercise has been around for a while, but you’ve probably never tried this routine before. Tibetans have done some exercises that they refer to as ‘rites, ’ and now that these exercises are gaining some attention in different parts of the world, why not try it for yourself?

These exercises are said to slow down the aging process; They’re meant to make you look younger for a longer period of time. At the same time, you can expect to get these benefits:

  • You will become more energetic.
  • You will be able to focus more.
  • You can improve your immune system’s health.
  • You can tone your body.

The best time to exercise is always in the morning because you can jump-start your metabolism this way. You will also be in a better mood throughout the day.

Rite 1

This exercise is meant to slow down the aging process and allow you to feel renewed with new energy.

Video Courtesy: YouTube via Saregama GenY
Spin clockwise with your arms out and parallel to the floor. You need to do the Chakra’s spin at the right speed. By doing this, you are coordinating all of your different chakras so they will all work together in order to improve your body as a whole. This will allow all of your organs to work well together so they can function properly.

Rite 2

This exercise increases vitality and improves your strength.

Video Courtesy: YouTube via Saregama GenY
This is an exercise that focuses on your solar plexus. You have to lie down on your mat and slowly raise your legs up while simultaneously raising your head, neck, and shoulders. This is known to improve your digestion.

Rite 3

This exercise can help improve your mood so you will feel more joyful throughout the day. This can also make you more flexible.

Video Courtesy: YouTube via Saregama GenY
You need to kneel on the floor and make sure that you follow proper posture. Slowly put your head back and put it back again to starting position. This is meant to improve the function of your thyroid and your pituitary gland.

Rite 4

If you would like to clear your mind this exercise is the best one to do.

Video Courtesy: YouTube via Saregama GenY
The position of this exercise is similar to how you do the bridge, but you would have to go back to the standard sitting position before doing it again. This is focused on the lower abdominal area. This is meant to improve reproductive health.

Rite 5

To tone down your body and make you feel more at ease, this is the best exercise to do.

Video Courtesy: YouTube via Saregama GenY
This will involve forming your body into an inverted “V” every time you get into position. This is meant to tone your body overall. It is also known to enhance your posture. You can improve your strength without having to make your body bulky in the process.

Before you go off and try these exercises, you might want to consult your doctor, just in case. One tip to remember about all the exercises mentioned above: if you feel uncomfortable or unsure, don’t force yourself to continue any of these exercises.

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