5 Phrases Sociopaths and Narcissists Use To Undermine Your Confidence

Do you know anyone who is manipulative? And do you understand the difference between a narcissistic person and a sociopath? Although these words have similar meaning and are connected to each other, they are not synonyms.

Well, if explained easily, all the sociopaths are narcissists, but all the narcissists are not sociopaths. This means that sociopaths are far worse than narcissists because they want to have an absolute control over your life, but narcissists are just selfish and want you to devote all your time to them.

As mentioned above, these personalities are quite similar and the way their think is quite the same as well. If you want to understand, if someone close to you is either one, pay attention to these five sentences, which are very common with narcissists and sociopaths:

1. I hate drama

Yes, that’s what they say, but it is not what they think. They have different emotions all the time surrounding them. They seem harmless, but they are the one stirring up trouble because they get energy from fighting and seeing fighting. It is just so amusing to them. Also, when you try to talk about a problem with them in a calm and grown-up way, they will only tell you that you are making a such a big deal and being a drama queen. Because of their manipulative personality, they can be entirely convincing and leave you feeling like you are the one to blame.

2. You are …

… crazy, drama queen, jealous, insane, paranoid, etc. The list is endless. They know how to get under your skin and make you lose your confidence. When they repeat their words on and on, you start to believe that it is your fault and you did over-react. In the end, you are the one who apologizes to them, and they are the one who has control over you.

3. You are too sensitive

This is similar to sentence number two. At first, they can be the most loving and caring people in the world. But when time goes by they start to criticize you and insult you. At first when you are alone, but later in front of your friends and family. They push your limits and test your boundaries. They will only be available when they have time, and they do not consider your plans nor feelings. When you try to point this out to them, they say that you are overreacting and being too sensitive.

4. You misunderstood

Of course, this is possible, because miscommunication happens to all of us. But narcissists and sociopaths will say that everything that speaks to their detriment is false. They start to blame you for misunderstanding their words or deny them. They do not give up and never admit that they were wrong. In the end, there is nothing else to do but for you to apologize again. This gives them more power over you.

5. You cannot live without me

This comes with time. They start to make you insecure and dependent on them slowly, without you even realizing. And when you threat to end things, they use manipulation to make you feel that you need them in your life and that you are nothing without them. Because of your low self-esteem and insecurity, you might believe them.

This is the reason why so many emotionally abusive relationships last so long – the victim does not have the strength to walk away. It is a good idea to find help and isolate yourself from their dangerous environment.

So think about the sentences. Do you know anyone who says something like this often? Or treats their partner not so nicely? When you see something like this happening, you must always say something, because as mentioned above, it is tough for the victim to leave by themselves. They need your support and help to get away from this toxic relationship.

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