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5 Positive Parenting Techniques to Use When Raising Teenagers

When raising teenagers parents sometimes wonder where there little wonders went and who the seriously misunderstood and rebellious species are that they share a home with.

This time of a child’s life is most probably the most crucial time for positive parenting methods and when good parenting skills need to be displayed. A teenager overreacts and dramatizes everything for good reason, still a child treading into adult waters. At this time in a child’s life instead of stepping away a parent should rather implement positive parenting. Here are 5 techniques that might help in the process.

For good parenting skills don’t read too many good parenting books for Raising Teenagers

Teenagers are rebellious by nature and too much of what to do and what not to do might cause the next World War at home. Trust your instincts and know what to do and when to do it.

Positive parenting tips are fantastic to use as a guideline but remember no one knows your child as well as you do and in this regard react and hone into your own positive parenting methods.

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Too much or too little discipline does not form part of good parenting skills for Raising Teenagers

Sometimes it is suggested that we remind ourselves how it felt to be a teenager and the joys of peer pressure and finding our own identity in a sometimes cruel world. There is a very thin line between too much and too little discipline.

Too much punishment will cause your budding teenager to go against just about everything you expect of them in other words exactly the opposite of good parenting, too little discipline and more freedom than needed allow your teens to think they have you wrapped around their little finger.

Find a balance and let him or her know your trust is earned.

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Positive parenting is communicating

The biggest mistake parents make is not communicating with their teens. It is important that teenagers are well informed of things that might come across their path and temptations they may have to face.

If these things are not discussed openly your child might not feel confident to talk to you if they find themselves in a compromising position involving drugs, sex and all things we might not want to talk about. Instead of trying to keep them sheltered make sure your teen is well informed about any situation and that they would know how to handle it.

Positive parenting tips are to discuss all things openly at an early age and keep your child informed

Good parenting skills and money

Your teenager needs to be at the point in their life where they are able to handle money. In other words help your child understand the importance of budgeting and saving money. Teenagers are at the age where they should be allowed to learn to be responsible by possibly taking a holiday job and earning their own money.

Teach your teenager that their allowance is not only for splurging but that it should be used for necessary things like cosmetics and so on. Various positive parenting tips are available online to help parents to make their teens money wise.

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Set expectations for your teenager, believing in them is good parenting for raising teenagers

Positive parenting tips would include taking the time out of your busy schedule and setting clear goals and expectations with your teenager. It is important to note that your expectations should be reasonable if your child does not enjoy sports but enjoys music, focus on their musical talents and obviously be their biggest fan.

The worst mistake parents make is to live vicariously through their child for example a parent that never had that acting career and then forces their child to go for acting classes even though this is not the child’s goal. Listen to your teenager and take not of their dreams.

Make it a rewarding event every time they reach a goal that you have set. Be realistic and let them know first and foremost that you believe in them.

Good parenting is allowing your child to hone their skills and what they are good at. It is a great but rewarding experience for both.

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