5 Screaming Signs That You Need a Break From Your Partner

Relationships reach a point where one feels like it’s time to let go no matter the foundation of the relationship or plans. However, people normally find it a bit tricky moving on due to inability to make decisions thinking that it could affect them negatively or maybe be in a relationship is the best thing that could happen to them. Anyone in a relationship should be able to know and identify anything that could be a harbinger of things that are in store for the two of you.

Fear of the next move after a breakup and whether the next relationship would turn out to be worse are some of the reasons why most people in a relationship find it confusing to decide on the next move. We have outlined the top five (5) signs it’s time to break up with someone, and this should be your guide when making that tough decision.

1. You Are No Longer Having Sex


No relationship can thrive if there is no sex taking place. It is considered as one of the most important pillars and foundations of relationships; sex plays a huge role in bringing the two of you together emotionally. If you suddenly cease having sex or intimacy levels go down during sex, then you need to break up because this is a sign of worse things about to happen.

When the spark disappears, sex with your partner takes another twist which ends up ruining your relationship, and this might become the norm making you regret why you had to get yourself into it.

2. You Are No Longer Your Partner’s Priority

A working relationship thrives well if both parties reciprocate what the other person gives to them. If selfishness creeps into a relationship, then this is one sure sign to start parking because it’s simply not working.

Happiness should always be prioritized in a relationship, and if this comes to an end, then there is no reason enough to keep you in such a relationship. Hurting each other by the priorities chosen is disastrous to relationships, and anyone in such a relationship must take this as a sign it’s time to break up.

3. Change of Perceptions

Change in perceptions can take different forms including seeing your partner be uglier than he was when your relationship started. Maybe the funny shape of his head disgusts you, and you no longer appreciate how he looks. These among other signs could be a reason for you to break up.

If the fun that characterized your relationship is no more, then this is one of the signs it’s time to break up with your partner. Staying in a relationship characterized by such regrets brings no happiness to you, and maybe it could be a sign for you to get to the next level to be happier.


4. Everything Stagnates

If you realize that things that used to cheer the two of you up to don’t work anymore then there could be a reason behind it. Maybe your partner liked introducing you to new people and friends, but the trend has changed. If she stopped doing it, then it is a sign you need to break up and get to greener pastures.

Many people in relationships find it hard telling their partner that it’s time to break up and that’s why they end up doing different stuff so that the other person can learn and choose the best thing to do. They usually are signs to show they no longer get that happiness or maybe it’s boring sticking together. When all the sweet stuff comes to an end, then it means you need to break up and find something better.

5. You Don’t Enjoy Their Company Anymore 

This is one of the signs showing it’s time to break up with your partner. If he prefers spending time with his friends than you or doing things alone, then you need to break up with him immediately. If there is no more appreciation in your relationship like it used to be you need to break up because this is a sign your relationship is one-sided. A one-sided relationship has limited mileage, and the moment one of the parties identifies lack of appreciation, there is need to break up.

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