5 Subtle Signs That Show You Are Arguing With A Complete Psychopath

First connection with the word “psychopath” might be for a lot of people the famous Hitchcock movie “Psycho.” In real life psychopaths might not stand out in a crowd, you might know someone for a long time without knowing their dark side.

You cannot recognize psychopaths through physical abuse because most of them are emotionally abusive. This includes acting in a dominant and manipulative way. They know exactly how to get what they want, and they enjoy playing mind games.

How Do You Understand That You Are Talking to A Psychopath?

This might be hard to hear, but people can be quite easily fooled. On the outside, the psychopaths can be very charming and look like the most helpful people in the world. They can create an excellent image of themselves and make you think highly of them.

On the inside, psychopaths are usually insecure and think through their every move. They can look like they are enjoying the conversation, but only be great pretenders. Psychopaths know precisely how to manipulate you into getting what they want. Usually, their actions are driven by desires for money, sex, and fame.

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Here are some tips how to know that you are arguing with a psychopath:

1. They Tell You Half-Truths, Lies, and Excuses

All of us tell some little white lies from time to time, but with psychopaths, you will only hear lies. They will give you fake promises, gossip about others and lie about their behavior. If you notice that somebody in your life is doing that all the time, there is a big chance that these people are not okay.

2. They patronize or look down on you

Psychopaths want to dominate you, and they will always try to look down on you. They will make you feel insecure, and in the end, you are the one feeling sorry and apologizing. They know exactly how to get to you and how to push your buttons.

3. They use hypocrisy

Psychopaths are very eager to point out your weaknesses, mistakes and judge you for them. They like to make themselves feel better by bringing others down. They always need to look their best, especially in a crowd, and that’s why they will dramatize your mistakes and judge you in front of everybody, even if it is their mistake.

4. They have multiple personalities

Psychopaths usually have many different sides. They can be a good girl at one time and bitch about you the next time. They are great at playing the victim and being the obsessive one at the same time. It is important not to react to their different moods and just not to let it affect you.

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5. They play the victim and act like a drama queen

Psychopaths always tend to blame others and never admit that anything is their fault. They will take the victim part and try to get everyone to feel sorry for them. They will always tell their way of the story on their behalf, but actually, they are the guilty ones.

6. Tip: Be aware! 

Be aware, because they can make you feel low and take all the energy out of you. You have to be acutely aware of the situation, and even if you are, psychopaths are experts at manipulating you. They will still accuse you and try to blame their mistakes on you.

These people can take all the energy out of you and leave you insecure. If possible, try to stay away from these people and keep them out of your life. Psychopaths will only bring drama, trouble, and negativity to your life. Their toxic vibes influence you more than you might think.

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