5 Screaming Signs You Need to Get Out of Your Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult no matter how strong the relationship. Long-distance relationships require good communication, compromise and a lot of work; not to mention the psychological strength required by each party.

Long-distance relationships require for each party to have “capability to delay gratification, the willingness to make plans and long-term goals, the ability to improvise and feel connected with someone who is not physically around, and the readiness to make it work in the times of uncertainty.”  Essentially, long-distance relationships are super hard.

People in long-distance relationships tend to blame any and all problems on the distance, but at what point is it necessary to evaluate the relationship to determine if it is the distance or there is a deeper issue at hand. If you are in a long-distance relationship and you are not sure where the relationship is headed, take some time to read these five signs that suggest an immediate exit from a long distance relationship:

1. Future talk is nonexistent

When in a long distance relationship, you and your significant other should often be talking about the future – when you can be together, plans to see each other, what your next visit will be like. If you find that you or your significant other stop talking about your future together, it is possible that this is a good sign to get out. Relationships are meant to be fun and exciting.

You and your significant other should want to make plans together, even if there is just discussion about the next time he/she visits. When talk of the future together starts to die in a relationship, it may be time to consider moving on from the relationship (long-distant or otherwise).

2. Suspicion is a time-sucker

If you find yourself constantly wondering what your significant other is doing and it makes you uncomfortable to not be in the loop, it may be a good time to evaluate the relationship. You should have 100% trust in your significant other and should not feel the need to worry about what they are up to at all hours of the day.

Feeling the need to be in constant contact with your significant other can become unhealthy if you start to worry when you do not hear from them in a few hours. It is always a good thing to want to talk to your significant other, but if you start to stress when you do not hear from them, it may be time to move on.

3. Your significant other is not a priority

Do you have plans to go see your significant other, but you are finding that you “just don’t have money” for a ticket to go, but you just bought new shoes and clothes? It may be time for you to consider moving on.

Can you go several days without talking to your significant other and not miss them? It may be time to move on. When your significant other becomes less and less of a priority, it may be time to move on. Relationships require both partners to make their significant other a priority, and if you are finding that your significant other is not a big priority in your life, it may be time to move on.

4. Visiting becomes a chore

This kind of goes along with number three. Maybe you are excited to make plans with your significant other, but when the time comes to visit them, your excitement fizzles out. If you find yourself dreading or worrying about visiting your significant other, this could be a good sign that it is time to move on. Spending time with your significant other should never be a chore, no matter if you are long-distance or local to each other.

5. The relationship is holding you back

Do you find yourself frustrated because spending time with your significant other is causing you to miss out on fun events? Or feel that you are unable to make connections with other people because you are always home waiting to chat with your significant other? Maintaining any relationship takes a lot of time, but it also should not be the entirety of your life.

If you are in a situation where you find that making time for your significant other is interfering with your life at home, it may be time to reconsider the relationship.

Having a relationship is hard – especially a long-distance relationship. If you are unsure about your long-distance relationship and any of the above reasons above apply to your situation, take some time to think about your relationship seriously. It is possible that you should be moving on from the relationship.

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