5 Strategic Ways to Determine Someone’s Emotional Energy

Our emotions showcase what we are currently feeling something.

Have you ever noticed when you are with a person who is depressed, you tend to become depressed as well? On the other hand, there are people you will have fun with because they have a lighter emotional vibe. Hence, you would find yourself improving your mood because they are in a good mood as well.

This type of energy is also known as “subtle energy.”

Different cultures believe that this is “life force.” This is the one that goes away when a person dies.

For the Chinese, this is also known as “chi.” This is something needed by people to ensure that they are in perfect health.

The emotional energy of people can be essential in relationships. You do not want to be with someone who will always pull you down. You need to lift each other up all the time. There are moments when your chemistry would just be perfect together, and this is the reason why you are compatible with each other. If your chemistry does not mix well, you will break up eventually because you do not see things the same way.

It is pointless to try to keep a relationship with someone that you cannot live with. There is no use in forcing it. It will not work. When you try to push it, your mind will just become confused with everything that you are trying to make it endure.

You may want to read other people’s emotions. There is one thing that you should remember: do not always base people’s feelings on what they are saying. They say something different from what they are feeling. For example, people may say that they are excellent even though it is evident that they are not.

Pay Attention to The Energy Being Transmitted

To understand perfectly well how the other person is feeling, you have to take a look at how the person acts in contrast to how the person speaks. For example, your partner may tell you that she had already gotten over her outburst a while ago, but she is still a bit cold and stiff when you are around. This means that she yet has pent up emotions that she is trying to hide from you.

There is one thing that you should remember: be with people that will increase your overall energy and not drain it. It will make a lot of difference. You would like to have friends that you will nurture with and not friends who will make you feel like you are intoxicated all the time.

How to Read People’s Emotional Energy

Here are some of the things that you can do to read people’s emotional energy:

1. Get to Know What Presence The Person Emits

When the person is around, do you feel like there are joy and light? What is the person’s aura like? Is the person ordinarily light to be with or do you feel like you are shrouded in darkness every time? You have to be aware of the person’s charisma. Why are you drawn towards that person? Is it because of the person’s mystery? Is it because of the person’s light? Do remember that some people are charismatic who do not have any heart.

Do remember that some people are charismatic who do not have any heart.

2. Learn to Read Through Their Eyes

When people glance at you, you will normally sense what emotions they are trying to hide from you. This is the reason why you normally feel that someone is looking at you even though you cannot see anyone. This is because you can feel their energy penetrating your soul. When you are with someone that you love, and you lock eyes with them, your body releases oxytocin which makes you feel warm and happy deep inside. The way that a person looks at you may either make you feel good or will make you feel afraid.

3. Know More About The Person Through The Person’s Touch

How does a person’s touch feel like? If it makes you feel warm and happy, then you can be happy with what you will get. If a person’s handshake is too hard, this means that the person is a bit aggressive. If a person’s hand is cold and clammy, this may mean that the person is anxious. Be aware of these things, and it will be easier for you to read the person’s energy.

4. Listen To the Tone of Voice

You can also listen to their laugh. You will know if a person is sarcastic or not based on how the person laughs or how the person reacts. The person may say the same things, but the person’s tone will let you know if the person is serious or not. You also have to take note of the tempo that people use when they are speaking to you? Are they speaking too fast? Are they speaking too slow? When a person sighs, this may indicate that a person is frustrated.The person’s heart can manifest through the person’s energy. You will know if the person is concerned through the way that he speaks. The person’s heart can work wonders against negativity and bad emotions.

5. The Person’s Heart Can Manifest Through The Person’s Energy

You will know if the person is concerned through the way that he speaks. The person’s heart can work wonders against negativity and bad emotions.

You will not be able to perfect reading and sensing people’s emotions immediately. There are moments when you will be with people that will make you feel a bit different than usual. It will take time and practice, but once you can identify some red flags, you will not be wasting your time and your energy with people you do not want to be with.

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